(Model Paper - 1) RRB - Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician Exam - "Technical Aptitude"

(Model Paper- 1) RRB - Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician Exam

Technical Aptitude

1. The Tractor braking system is of

a) Mechanical type
b) Hydraulic type
c) Pneumatic type
d) Electrical type

2. The Power input of 1 ton air conditioner is

a) 1kw
b) 1.6kw
c) 2.4kw
d) 2.6kw

3. The refrigerator has a cooling capacity of 750 kcal/m. Its capacity in tons of refrigeration is equal to

a) 7.5
b) 10
c) 15
d) 30

4. The color code of refrigerator Ammonia is

a) Orange
b) White
c) Light blue
d) Green

5. The head used to remove any previous recording from the tape is

a) Recording head
b) Erasing head
c) Play back head
d) Running head

6. A Knee is a part of

a) Lathe
b) Milling machine
c) Jig boring machine
d) Grinding

7. Files are made of

a) H.S.S
b) C.I.
c) M.S.
d) None of these

8. The non ferrous metal with the lowest melting point is

a) Aluminum
b) Copper
c) Lead
d) Tin

9. The Front clearance angle of turning tool is maintained between

a) 3 0 to 4 0
b) 8 0 to 12 0
c) 15 0 to 18 0
d) 22 0 to 25 0

10. The number of Guide ways provided on the lathe bed is

a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Six

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11. The formula for cutting speed in meter/minute for turning a job of diameter 0 mm is given by

a) πDN/100 meter/min
b) πDN/1000 meter/min
c) π/1000 meter/min
d) None of these

12. Mandrel is a

a) Work holding device
b) Supporting device
c) a & b
d) None

13. The following tool is used of r boring a deep hole

a) Drill
b) Reamer
c) Boring bit
d) Augur bit

14. Power Hack-saw blade cuts the material during

a) Return stroke
b) Forward stroke
c) a & b
d) None

15. For gear cutting operation the type of milling used is

a) End milling
b) Face milling
c) Side milling
d) Slit Milling

16. Open and cross belt device quick return motion mechanism is used in

a) Horizontal shaper
b) Vertical Shaper
c) Slotter
d) Planner

17. In Direct Indexing the indexing plate used rotating the job spidle is provided with

a) 44 holes
b) 20 holes
c) 24 holes
d) None of these

18. One watt-hour is equal to

a) 36000 joules
b) 3000 joules
c) 3600 joules
d) None of these

19. Otto cycle is also known as

a) Bell Coleman Cycle
b) Carnot Cycle
c) Constant Volume Cycle
d) Sterling Cycle

20. The brake thermal efficiency and mechanical efficiency of a diesel engine are 50% and 70% respectively. The indicator thermal efficiency is

a) 20%
b) 70%
c) 60%
d) 80%

21. The king pin is indeed

a) Back wards
b) Front wards
c) Out wards
d) In wards

22. The grade of lubricant used in gear box is

a) SAX 30
b) SAE 40
c) SAE 90
d) SAE 150

23. The number of piles provided for a truck tyre is

a) 10
b) 20
c) 25
d) 15

24. Propeller Shaft takes the drive from

a) Clutch
b) Flywheel
c) Gear box
d) Differential

25. Petrol engine uses the following thermodynamic cycle

a) Carnot Cycle
b) Sterling Cycle
c) Otto Cycle
d) None

26. In gear ration between the starter pinion and the fly wheel ring gear is

a) 8
b) 1:12
c) 1:16
d) 1:25

27. For measuring the ovality of the cylinder bore the gauge used is

a) Dial Indicator
b) Plug gauge
c) Micro meter
d) Compression gauge

28. The crank shaft made of

a) Aluminum alloy
b) Cast Iron
c) Steel
d) Forged steel alloy

29. The composition of petrol fuel is approximately given as

a) 60% carbon, 40% hydrogen
b) 75% carbon, 25% hydrogen
c) 85%carbon, 15% hydrogen
d) 95% carbon, 5% hydrogen

30. The lubricating oil pump develops a pressure of

a) 1 to 2 kg/cm2
b) 3 to 5 kg/cm2
c) 5 to 8 kg/cm2
d) 8 to 10 kg/cm2


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रेलवे भर्ती बोर्ड लोको पायलट परीक्षा (Stage-1) अध्ययन सामग्री

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