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RRB EXAM PORTAL is NOT associated with Railway Recruitment Board or Indian Railways. 
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RRB Typing Skill Test for NTPC, Junior Accounts Assistant, Senior Clerk cum Typist, Senior Time Keeper.

Guidelines for RRB Exam Typing Skill Test

- This Typing Skill Test is of qualifying nature and candidates acquired minimum typing speed in the test will be further considered in the final merit list.

The required qualifying speed for typing is 25 words per minute in Hindi or 30 words per minute in English. The candidates are required to attempt either in ENGLISH or in HINDI.

The duration of test will be TEN (10) minutes. If a Candidate does not qualify in above mentioned typing speed, then he/she will be considered unsuccessful in Typing Skill Test and he/she will not be considered further whatever be the marks obtained by him/her in the Final Written Test.

- Candidates to use their own Typewriting Machine (key punching type) of either Hindi or English and RRB will not provide any Typewriting machine whatever be the reason. If typewriter machine brought by the candidate develops any snag or fails during the test, no extra time or alternative arrangement, whatsoever, shall be made by RRB.

- 5% mistakes of the total words typed will be ignored and thereafter for every full or half mistake, corresponding words will be deducted from the total words typed for arriving at the final speed.

RRB Computer/Manual Typewriter Typing skill Test

Formula for RRB Typing Test:

  • For a Typing Test of 10 minutes

  • 5% mistakes of total words typed are ignored.
  • Total strokes typed = 1600
  • Words typed = 1600/5 = 320 (one word is equal to 5 strokes)
  • Total mistakes = 19
  • Ignorable mistakes = 5% of 320 = 16
  • Net mistakes for evaluation = 19-16 = 3 Mistakes to be deducted for arriving at net words typed = 320 - (3x10) = 290
  • As per formula : (No. of total words typed - (No. of net mistakes x 10) ) / Time of test
  • Speed per minute = 290/10 = 29

After completing the passage once before the allotted time, Candidates may retype the whole or part of the test paragraph until expiry of the time. However, the paragraph retyped will also be evaluated to arrive at the typing speed.

IMPORTANT: RRB EXAM PORTAL is NOT associated with Railway Recruitment Board(RRB) or Indian Railways, For RRB official website visit -