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(Mock Test) RRB Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician Exam (Test -3)

(Mock Test) RRB Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician Exam (Test -3)

1. The maximum efficiency of full wave rectifier is?

a) 40.1 %
b) 81.2 %
c) 90 %
d) 98 %


2. R.C. Coupling is used for amplification of the?

a) Current
b) Resistance
c) Power
d) Voltage

3. A ‘PNP’ Transistor is made of?

a) Germanium
b) Silicon
c) Either (a) or (b)
d) None

4. The addition of pentavalent impurity to a semi conductor creates?

a) Holes
b) Free electrons
c) Minority electrons
c) Majority electrons

5. Claw hammer is mostly used in?

a) Fitter trade
b) Tool and Die
c) Carpentry
d) Black sm ithy

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6. The Unit of capacitance is

a) Volt
b) Coulomb
c) Farad
d) None

7. Good conductor of electricity is?

a) Copper
b) Iron
c) Aluminum
d) Silver

8. Grinding wheels are made by?

a) Iron & Stone
b) Rod & Sand
c) Sand
d) Abrasive & Bond

We can do reaming after?

a) Milling
b) Shaping
c) Drilling
d) Spot facing

10. Sine bar is used for checking and setting of?

a) Round
b) Triangle
c) Angle
d) Square

11. What Drill Size should be used for M10 tapping?

a) 8.1 mm
b) 8.8 mm
c) 8.6 mm
d) 8.2

12. Tie rod is part of which machine?

a) Planner
b) Shaper
c) Milling
d) Lathe

13. If four resistance valve of every resistance is “R” ohm in parallel connection then the total resistance is?

a) 4R
b) 2R
c) R
d) R/4

14. Which of the following is needed while marking on round job?

a) Bolt
b) Block
c) V-Block
d) H-clamp

15. The mixture of solder wire is?

a) Tint Zinc
b) Zinc + Lead
c) Tint Lead
d) None

16. Rs.900 are distributed among A, B & C in the ratio 4: 5: 6 what will be the difference of the shares of A and C?

a) Rs. 25
b) Rs. 120
c) Rs. 130
d) Rs. 150

17. In a zoo there are Rabbits and Pigeons. If their heads are counted these are 90, while their legs are 224, then the number of “Pigeons”?

a) 68
b) 70
c) 72
d) 80

18. A cistern is filled in 9 hrs and it takes 10 hrs when there is a leak in its bottom. If the cistern is full, time to empty?

a) 80 hrs
b) 85 hrs
c) 90 hrs
d) 95 hrs

The average daily wage of X, Y and Z are Rs. 120. If Y earns Rs. 40 more than Z and X earns double of what Z earns, wage of “X” is?

a) Rs. 80
b) Rs. 120
c) Rs. 160
d) Rs. 100

20. The father is seven times older than his son. After 4 years, the sum of their ages would be 50 yrs. The Son’s present age?

21. The S.I unit of Resistance is?

a) Joule
b) Ohm
c) Watt
d) Ampere

22. When an iron nail gets rusted weight?

a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) No change
d) None

23. If a body of mass “m” moving on circular path of radius “R” with velocity “ω” then the centripetal is?

a) 1⁄2 mv 2
b) mω2 R
c) mv2
d) Rω2

24. The element common to all acids?

a) Oxygen
b) Chlorine
c) Sulphur
d) Hydrogen

25. Right to Information Act comes in to force in the year?

a) 2005
b) 2006
c) 2009
d) 2004

26. Who among the following “First law officer” of the Government of India?

a) Solicitor General
b) Attorney General
c) Chief Justice
d) CAG

27. Who was the second president of India?

a) Dr. Zakir Hussain
b) V.V.Giri
c) N. Sanjeev Reddy
d) S. Radha Krishnan

28. The period of First Five Year Plan was?

a) 1947-1952
b) 1949-1954
c) 1951-1956
d) 1956-1961

29. Nobel Prize is not given is which of the following fields?

a) Physics
b) Biology
c) Chemistry
d) Peace

30. Wankhede Stadium is situated in?

a) Mumbai
b) Nagpur
c) Pune
d) Bengaluru

31. “The Leaning tower of Pisa” is situated in?

a) France
b) England
c) Egypt
d) Italy

33. Complete the series 45, 54, 47, ___, 49, 56, 51, 57, 53?

a) 55
b) 48
c) 50
d) None

34. In ancient India which of the following capital of Kalinga?

a) Ujjain
b) Talcila
c) Toshali
d) Pataliputra

35. The Indian valley Civilization was primarily?

a) Tribal
b) Urban
c) Rural
d) Local

36. The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is?

a) 29 %
b) 78 %
c) 21 %
d) 0.03 %

37. “Kanchanaganga” mountain peak is in?

a) India
b) Nepal
c) Bhutan
c) Tibet

38. Which of the following is the busiest human organ?

a) Nose
b) Heart
c) Kidney
d) Liver

39. “Kavaratti” is the Capital of?

a) Lakshadweep
b) Daman & Diu
c) Dadra & Nagar Haveli
d) Mizoram

40. Following is Best Conductor of Heat?

a) Mercury
b) Silver
c) Leather
d) Benzene

41. The oldest mountains in India are

a) Himalayas
b) Aravallis
c) Naga Hills
d) Siwaliks

42. Who was the founder of Chola Dynasty?

a) Vijayalaya
b) Raja raja
c) Rajendra-I
d) None

43. Ascorbic acid is?

a) Vitamin –D
b) Vitamin –B
c) Vitamin –A
d) Vitamin –C

44. Who said “Swaraj is my birth right and I will have it?”

a) Mahatma Gandhi
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) Subhash Chandra Bose
d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

45. The lion capital at Sarnath is associated with?

a) Ashoka
b) Gopala
c) Bimbisara
d) Ajatasatru

46. Sum of the first fifteen natural numbers is?

a) 130
b) 110
c) 120
d) 140

47. How many odd numbers are there from 1 to 81?

a) 42
b) 41
c) 40
d) 43

51. “Mary Kom” is associated with?

a) Wrestling
b) Boxing
c) Archery
d) Weight lifting

52. Hill: Mountain:: Sea : ___?

a) Lake
b) Ocean
c) River
d) Water fall

53. Pick the odd one out amongst the following?

a) Pink
b) green
c) Indigo
d) Violet

54. In a code language if BCD is written as ABC then UVW will be written as?

a) XYZ
b) BCD
c) RST
d) MNO

55. In a code if ‘A’ is written as ‘Z’ , ‘B’ is written as ‘Y’ and ‘C’ is written as ‘X’ then DEF will be written as?

a) WVU
b) RST
c) SRQ
d) ONM

56. Which country has the largest number of post offices in the world?

a) USA
b) China
c) India
d) Russia

57. The Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals?

a) States in India
b) Fundamental Rights
c) Fundamental Duties
d) Languages in India

58. Voltmeter is a device used to measure?

a) Current
b) Resistance
c) Potential difference
d) None

59. Gobi desert located in which country?

a) India
b) China
c) Asia
d) Africa

60. Where would you see a “TORNADO” the most?

a) Russia
b) China
c) Brazil
d) USA

61. The needle of compass always points forwards?

a) South
b) North
c) West
d) East

62. Titan is a moon of?

a) Saturn
b) Jupiter
c) Mars
d) Uranus

63. “Hydrophobia” is associated with?

a) Tetanus
b) Meningitis
c) Rabies
d) Dengue

64. The price of pen after a discount of 10 % is Rs. 45 what is the original price?

a) Rs. 50
b) Rs. 55
c) Rs. 60
d) Rs. 47.5

65. If 300 is decreased by 2.5 %, the answer is?

a) 292.5
b) 296.5
c) 297.5
d) 295

66. How many numbers between 101 and 300 are exactly divisible by both 3 and 5?

a) 13
b) 14
c) 15
c) 16

67. In a clock the angle traced by the hour hand in 12 hrs is?

a) 3600
b) 1800
c) 900
d) 300

68. How many days are there in a leap year?

a) 367
b) 366
c) 364
d) 365

69. Which of the following is not a prime number?

a) 97
b) 191
c) 221
d) 441

71. Pointing to a Photograph Arun said “she is the mother of my son’s wife’s daughter”, Arun related to the lady?

a) Uncle
b) Cousin
c) Father-in-law
d) None

72. What will be the difference between the sum of the odd digits and the sum of the even digits in the number 857423?

a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

75. Two numbers are less than a third number by 30% and 37% respectively. How much percent is the second number less than the fist?

a) 10 %
b) 15%
c) 20%
d) 25 %

76. Material used for making Bushes?

a) White metal
b) Brass
c) Gun metal
d) C.I

77. Bench vice spindle has?

a) V-threads
b) Square threads
c) Acme threads
d) None

78. B.S.W thread has thread angle of?

a) 600
b) 450
c) 370
d) 550

79. Lip clearance angle in a drill is kept?

a) 300
b) 450
c) 150
d) 250

80. How many tool heads can be mounted on planer machine?

a) 4
b) 1
c) 3
d) 2

81. Ratio of worm & warm wheel in dividing head is?

a) 12 : 1
b) 24 : 1
c) 40 : 1
d) 80 : 1

82. A device that converts from decimal to binary system is called?

a) CPU
b) Decoder
c) Converter
d) Encoder

83. Which of the following operation cannot be done on milling machines?

a) Cutting splines
b) Cutting gears
c) Cutting helical groove
d) Gear shaping

84. The limits of Hole are 25.00 and 25.021 and that of a shaft are 25.022 and 25.032 the type fit is?

a) Interference
b) Clearance
c) Transition
d) None

85. Shafts transmitting power at right angle to each other are connected by?

a) Helical gears
b) Spur gears
c) Bevel gears
d) Spiral gears

87. Turning water tap is an example of?

a) Force
b) Torque
c) Couple
d) Moment

88. The relation between coefficient of friction and angle of friction is?

a) μ=tanφ
b) 1 μ=tan θ −
c) μ=sinφ
d) μ=cosφ

89. If the efficiency of a machine is 100% then it is called?

a) Simple machine
b) Ideal machine
c) Lifting machine
d) None

91. Which of the following is a class – I lever?

a) Pliers
b) Nut cracker
c) Tongs
d) None

92. Scalar is a type of physical quantity having magnitude but lacking?

a) Weight
b) Magnitude
c) Speed
d) Acceleration

93. The rate of change of angular velocity is named by?

a) Displacement
b) Angular Acceleration
c) Angular Distance
d) None

95. The force of attraction between nuclear and electron is?

a) Centripetal
b) Centrifugal
c) Torque
d) Impulsive force

97. One kilogram-meter = ___ Joules?

a) 9
b) 9.81
c) 8.9
d) 8.91

98. The time period of a second’s pendulum is?

a) 1 sec
b) 2 sec
c) 3 sec
d) 4 sec

99. One horse power = ____ kgfm/sec?

a) 70
b) 73
c) 74
d) 75

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RRB Loco Pilot (ALP) Exam Printed Study Kit

रेलवे भर्ती बोर्ड लोको पायलट परीक्षा (Stage-1) अध्ययन सामग्री


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