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(Paper) RRB ALP Paper Stage-2 : Exam Paper & Answer Key Held on 23-Jan-2019 Shift-3 (General Science)

(Paper) RRB ALP Paper Stage-2 : Exam Paper & Answer Key Held on 23-Jan-2019 Shift-3
(General Science)

Q1. Which element is mostly provided by grains, nuts and chocolate in our diet?

a. Copper
b. Chloride
c. Iodine
d. Zinc

Q2. A_____diagram is a schematic drawing that shows the relationships in a system, using simple shapes for the entities.

a. Block
b. Circuit
c. Venn
d. Scatter

Q3. Find the heat capacity of a steel vessel of mass 2.5 kg if its temperature rises by 10 degrees. Specific heat capacity of steel is 500 Jk ̄1 k ̄1.

a. 125 Jk ̄1
b. 1,250 Jk ̄1
c. 20 Jkg ̄1 k ̄1
d. 200 Jkg ̄1 k ̄1

Q4. Find the density (in kg/m³) of a piece of wood of dimensions 6 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm, and weight 1.92 N. (use g= 10m/s²)

a. 8,000
b. 800
c. 3,000
d. 300

Q5. A boy of 50 kg is riding a scooter of 100 kg mass at speed of v m/s. Find v (in m/s) if the kinetic energy of the scooter and the boy is 76.8 kJ.

a. 64
b. 40
c. 80
d. 32

Q6. Two liters of superheated water at 190°C is mixed with six liters of cold water at 20°C. Find the final equilibrium temperature (in °C) if no heat is lost.

a. 95
b. 62.5
c. 47.5
d. 55

Q7. The area of A0 size paper is _______.

a. 100 cm²
b. 1,000 cm²
c. 10,000 cm²
d. 1 cm²

Q8. Find the slope of the line joining the points (3,-4) and (5,2).

a. ½
b. ⅓
c. 3
d. 2

Q9. Acceleration due to gravity on Jupiter is two and a half times that on earth. How much would a 250 kg satellite weighs (in N) on Jupiter? (acceleration due to gravity on earth =10m/s²)

a. 100
b. 625
c. 6,250
d. 10

Q10. A _______projection is an oblique projection in which the depth of the object is shown in full size.

a. Cavalier
b. Fisheye
c. Orthographic
d. Perspective

Q11. Find the mass (in g) of a copper calorimeter if its temperature rises by 45° when it absorbs 3.6 kJ of heat. The specific heat capacity of copper is 0.4 Jg ̄1K ̄1.

a. 500
b. 648
c. 200
d. 405

Q12. Two resistors of R Ω and 15 Ω are connected in parallel to get an effective resistance of 12 Ω. Find R.

a. 45
b. 75
c. 60
d. 30

Q13. Which of the following gives the correct relation between power ‘P’, resistance ‘R’ and charge ‘Q’ flowing through a wire in ‘t’ seconds?

a. PI = QRt
b. PQ = IRt
c. Pt = IRQ
d. PR = QIt

Q14. Henry per meter is the unit of _____.

a. Permittivity
b. Electric conductance
c. Permeability
d. Watt per steradian

Q15. Part of a sentence has been divided into three segments, which are jumped up and given along with the unjumbled part. Rearrange the parts of the sentence in correct order. I’d just remembered that our

X:every once in a while, so our changing
Y:rooms were movable, on wheels
Z: owner liked to change the decor of the boutique

a. ZYX
b. ZXY
c. YXZ
d. XZY

Q16. Find the mass (in kg) of kerosene filled up to the brim in a tank of dimensions 5m X 2m X 1m. (Density of kerosene is 800 kg/m³)

a. 8,000
b. 1,250
c. 800
d. 12,500

Q17. Which of the following classes of chemicals can damage the ozone layer?

a. Chlorofluorocarbons
b. Aromatic compounds
c. Phenols
d. Antimicrobials

Q18. Moore’s Law is a rule of thumb stated by Intel co-founder Garden moore that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every _______ month.

a. 30
b. 18
c. 12
d. 24

Q19. Paracetamol is found in first-aid boxes. When/why should these drugs be taken?

a. To ease indigestion and heartburn
b. To ease mild pain and reduce high temperature (fever).
c. To bring relief from asthma.
d. To ease the symptoms of hay fever and other allergies.

Q20. If 90 J of work is done in moving a charge of 2,000 coulombs across V volts, find V.

a. 0.2
b. 180
c. 0.045
d. 2,250

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Q21. Find the efficiency of a pump (rated 400 W) that can lift 500 kg of water by 30 m in 10 minutes. (Use g = 10m/s²)

a. 92.00%
b. 77.50%
c. 62.50%
d. 84.00%

Q22. Breathing in about 900 parts of ______in a million parts of air for a short time cause fatigue, dizziness, and headache.

a. Arsenic
b. Pesticides
c. Asbestos particles
d. chloroform

Q23. Which of the following is an example of a second class lever?

a. See-saw
b. Pliers
c. Wheelbarrow
d. Ice tongs

Q24. The ____ across the ends of a resistor is directly proportional to the current through it, provided its temperature remains the same.

a. Resistivity
b. Charge
c. Potential difference
d. Resistance

Q25. The notation 2xØ6 means______.

a. 2 circles of diameter 6 units
b. Scale the circles of diameter 6 units by a factor of 2
c. 2 circles of radius 6 units
d. Scale the circles of diameter 6 units by a factor of 2

Q26. _______are a subset of air pollution that refers to the tiny particles suspended everywhere in our atmosphere.

a. Humus
b. Loam
c. Genoumes
d. Aerosols

Q27. Find the mechanical advantage of a pulley system if it has an efficiency of 60%. The load lifts by 3 m when the rope is pulled by 12 m.

a. 3.6
b. 1.2
c. 4.8
d. 2.4

Q28. A car loses 200 kJ of kinetic energy when its speed decreases from 35 m/s to 15 m/s. Find its mass in tonnes.

a. 2.5
b. 2
c. 1
d. 1.5

Q29. The specific latent heat of fusion of ethyl alcohol is 100 Jg ̄1. Find the heat absorbed (in J) by 2.25 g of ethyl alcohol when it melts at its melting point of -114°C.

a. 45
b. 311
c. 100
d. 225

Q30. Find the resistance of the wire (in kΩ) through which a 5 mA current flows when 500 V of potential difference is applied across it.

a. 2.5
b. 1,00,000
c. 2,500
d. 100

Q31. By cycling 7/9 times his usual speed, Answer reaches his school 4 minutes late. How many minutes does Anwer take to reach school at his usual cycling speed?

a. 14
b. 16
c. 18
d. 20

Q32. Which of the following is NOT a derived unit?

a. Radian
b. Volt
c. Mole
d. Lumen

Q33.Acceleration due to gravity is highest at_______.

a. The poles
b. At an infinite distance from the earth
c. The center of the earth
d. The equator

Q34. A truck travels 450 km in two and a half hours. Find its speed in m/s.

a. 90
b. 60
c. 75
d. 50

Q35. A block of metal of mass 500 g has a relative density of 2.5. What will be its apparent mass when it is fully immersed in water?

a. 400 g
b. 250 g
c. 300 g
d. 200 g

Q36. If 1,200 J of work is done in pushing a trolley by 20 m, what was the force (in N) employed?

a. 120
b. 90
c. 60
d. 30

Q37. Pie chart 1 shows the share of the four partners (A,B,C and D) in company XYZ in the year 2017. In 2018, a fifth partner, E, was added by issuing 5000 shares to E (pie chart 2). The company has issued ______shares more in 2018 than those in 2017.

a. 33.33%
b. 16.67%
c. 25%
d. 20%

Q38. AAn______is an interface on a computer to which you can connect a device.

a. Anime
b. Dongle
c. Array
d. Port

Q39. _________° Celsius = 167 Fahrenheit

a. 75
b. 348
c. 198
d. 103

Q40. A uniform meter scale weighs 50g. It is pivoted at the 70cm mark. Where should a 40 g mass be placed so that the scale is in equilibrium?

a. At the 25 cm mark
b. At the 45 cm mark
c. At the 5 cm mark
d. At the 95 cm mark

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1. (a) 2. (a) 3. (b) 4. (b) 5. (d) 6. (b) 7. (c) 8. (c) 9. (c) 10. (a)
11. (c) 12. (c) 13. (c) 14. (c) 15. (b) 16. (a) 17. (b) 18. (b) 19. (b) 20. (c)
21. (c) 22. (d) 23. (c) 24. (c) 25. (a) 26. (d) 27. (d) 28. (c) 29. (d) 30. (d)
31. (a) 32. (c) 33. (a) 34. (d) 35. (c) 36. (c) 37. (c) 38. (d) 39. (a) 40. (d)

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