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(Paper) RRB ALP Paper Stage-2 : Exam Paper & Answer Key Held on 23-Jan-2019 Shift-3 (Electrician)

(Paper) RRB ALP Paper Stage-2 : Exam Paper & Answer Key Held on 23-Jan-2019 Shift-3

Q1. A three-point starter is suitable for:

a. Shunt and series motor
b. Shunt motor
c. Shunt and compound motor
d. Compound and series motor

Q2. From the given options, identify the type of lug used for connecting an aluminum cable to a copper bus bar.

a. Bi-metallic cable connector
b. Insulated sleeve lug
c. Bi-metallic cable lug
d. Copper lug

Q3. What will be the value displayed by an am-meter that is shown in the below figure?

a. 2 A
b. 1 A
c. 2.5 A
d. 1.5 A

Q4. The secondary winding is always kept closed in which of the following types of transformers?

a. Distribution transformer
b. Potential transformer
c. Power transformer
d. Current transformer

Q5. Steel poles are painted to prevent them from:

a. Grounding
b. Borer
c. Corrosion
d. Termites

Q6. The flux per square unit area is called as:

a. Magnetic field strength
b. Magnetic intensity
c. Magnetic reluctance
d. Magnetic flux density

Q7. If voltage is measured across an AC mains open switch, the meter will read:

a. 10 V
b. 0 V
c. 230 V
d. 110 V

Q8. The binary equivalent of decimal number 5 is __________.

a. 001
b. 101
c. 100
d. 111

Q9. The time needed for charging in a constant voltage system as compared to a constant current system is:

a. Almost reduced to half
b. Varying
c. Same
d. Increased by half

Q10. Which one of the following is not the type of mass soldering technique?

a. Dip soldering
b. Iron soldering
c. Wave soldering
d. Drag soldering

Q11. The correct full form of SMPS is:

a. Switch Mode Power Supply
b. Switch Mode Phase Stabilizer
c. Switching its Mode phase Supply
d. Switch Mode Power Stabilizer

Q12. Current is measured using:

a. Thermometer
b. Megger
c. Voltmeter
d. Ammeter

Q13. One of the reasons for the low speed of a ceiling fan can be due to:

a. Faulty capacitor
b. Blade corrosion
c. Faulty mounting
d. Broken canopy

Q14. A buck converter is used to:

a. Step up the voltage
b. Exactly double the voltage
c. Stabilize the voltage
d. Step down the voltage

Q15. For household wiring and small units, the following should be used as a safety measure:

a. MCB
c. ACB
d. OCB

Q16. What happens to lead acid electrolyte’s specific gravity while charging?

a. It remains same
b. It evaporates
c. It decreases
d. It increases

Q17. Domestic customers are provided with single phase supply voltage of

a. 440V
b. 110V
c. Cut-out on customer’s premises 420V
d. 230V

Q18. L series MCBs can be used effectively in:

a. Heating and lightning circuit
b. Capacitive circuit
c. Inductive circuit
d. Inductive and lighting circuit

Q19. The poor conductor of electricity among the following is:

a. Silver
b. Copper
c. Aluminum
d. Pure Water

Q20. The function of heat sink in semiconductors is to control

a. Frequency
b. Temperature rise
c. Doping
d. Voltage

Q21. For a three-phase both balanced and unbalanced power measurement, what is the minimum number of wattmeters needed?

a. 3
b. 1
c. 4
d. 2

Q22. Which one of the following is not rechargeable dry cell ?

a. Lithium -ion
b. Nickel-metal hydride
c. Nickel cadmium
d. Alkaline

Q23. In a squirrel cage motor:

a. There is a series of induction motor
b. The end rings and the rotor conducting bars are permanently short-circuited
c. The end-rings are open circuited
d. The rotor conducting bars are made of carbon

Q24. In which of the following connections do we have common neutral point?

a. Delta
b. Sigma
c. Star
d. Omega

Q25. The ratio of resistance to impedance is______.

a. Power factor
b. Form factor
c. Power
d. Amplitude

Q26. Which type of rotor consists of a cylindrical laminated core with parallel slots for carrying rotor conductors?

a. DC rotor
b. BLDC rotor
c. Squirrel cage rotor
d. PMMC rotor

Q27. The recommended configuration for soldering is:

a. Lap joint
b. Butt joint
c. Scarf joint
d. Wave joint

Q28. Which pliers are best suitable for holding the objects?

a. Diagonal cutters
b. Side cutting pliers
c. Wire strippers
d. Nose pliers

Q29. Inter-sheaths in the cables are used for:

a. Protecting cables from moisture
b. Improving insulation of cables
c. Proper stress distribution
d. Minimizing stress

Q30. What is the output waveform of a variable-frequency drive (VFD)?

a. Pure sine wave
b. Chopped sine wave
c. Pulse width modulated sine wave
d. Square wave

Q31. Radix 2 is used for representing

a. A’ + B’ = A’B’ octal numbers
b. AB + AA’ = A decimal numbers
c. (A ∩ B) ‘ = A ‘ ∪ B ‘ binary numbers
d. (A + B)’ = A’ * B hexadecimal numbers

Q32. High speed protection Of DC shunt motor is not provided by:

a. 5 point starter
b. 3 point starter
c. 4 point starter
d. 2 point starter

Q33. The speed of an induction motor decreases with the increase in:

a. Load
b. Capacitance
c. Magnetic flux
d. Resistance

Q34. The SI unit of electrical power is:

a. Kilowatt
b. HP
c. Coulomb
d. Joule

Q35. Which among the following is a current controlled device ?

b. BJT

Q36. Which type of power supply is mandatory for a life support system?

b. Stabilizer
c. RPS
d. UPS

Q37. A 60 micro ampere meter has a resistance of 100 ohms. If the meter has to measure 100 mA, then the value of current through the shunt is

a. 99.2 A
b. 150 A
c. 100 A
d. 99.9 A

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Q38. Empire tape is usually made of_______.

a. Varnished cambric
b. Calico cloth
c. Vulcanized rubber
d. Impregnated paper

Q39. In a series combination of resistances:

a. The current and voltage remain the same
b. The current and voltage both vary
c. The current remains same
d. The voltage remains same

Q40. The greatest eddy current loss occurs in ____ part of the DC machine.

a. Armature
b. Field poles
c. Commutating
d. Yoke

Q41. A voltmeter is used to measure:

a. Resistance
b. Voltage
c. Capacitance
d. Current

Q42. fusing factor should always be:

a. Equal to zero
b. More than one
c. Less than one
d. Equal to one

Q43. For a motor to work as a generator:

a. The rotor should spun Very-fast in Clockwise Direction
b. The rotor must spun faster than its stator’s synchronous speed
c. The rotor should spun Very-fast in anti-clockwise Direction
d. The rotor must supn faster-than its stator’s asynchronous speed

Q44. The function of inductor in a filter circuit is to _____.

a. Block CD and pass AC
b. Block both AC and DC
c. Block AC and pass DC
d. Pass both AC and DC

Q45. Which of the following transformers will output a low voltage compared to input?

a. Current transformer
b. Step-down transformer
c. Step-down transformer
d. Potential transformer

Q46. Temperature control in bridge measurement is required because of the difference in temperature will came a difference in:

a. Frequency
b. Inductance
c. Resistance
d. Capacitance

Q47. In large motor generator sets, the AC motor is usually:

a. Induction motor wound rotor type
b. Synchronous motor
c. Shunt motor type
d. Induction motor squirrel cage type

Q48. A single device that ensures efficient protection from electrical hazard of stock and fire caused by ever current, short circuit, earth leakage and earth fault is:

a. Miniature circuit breaker
b. Earth leakage circuit breaker
c. Miniature current circuit breaker
d. (ELCB + RCCB) combination breaker

Q49. A sinusoidal alternating voltage of 50 Hz has an RMS value of 200 V. Find its maximum value and wavelength.

a. 282.2 V, 314 rad/sec
b. 280.2 V, 308 rad/sec
c. 277.4 V, 302 rad/sec
d. 272.2 V, 300 rad/sec

Q50. Working Principle of a transformer is based on:

a. Radio frequency
b. Mutual electromagnetic induction
c. Eddy current
d. Photo radiation

Q51. The form factor of an AC circuit is the ratio of:

a. RMS value/average value
b. RMS value/maximum value
c. maximum value /RMS value
d. average value /RMS value

Q52. What is the Ward-Leonard control?

a. Field diverter method
b. Voltage control method
c. Armature resistance control method
d. Field control method

Q53. What is the basic difference that a four-point starter has in it when compared to a three-point starter is:

a. Field circuit is completed through starting resistance
b. The starting resistance is gradually cut out till the armature reaches the running posistion
c. Overcurrent release is connected in supply line
d. Holding coil is removed from the shunt field circuit

Q54. In a three-phase alternator, there are three windings placed______degrees apart.

a. 180
b. 120
c. 270
d. 100

Q55. The cold cathode discharge method is used in:

a. Mercury vapor
b. Sodium vapor
c. CFL
d. Neon lamp

Q56. In a B-H curve, H represents:

a. Magnetic flux
b. Reluctance
c. Magnetic field strength
d. Magnetic flux density

Q57. CROs are used to measure frequencies up to______.

a. 20Hz
b. 20KHz
c. 1GHz
d. 1MHz

Q58. In a single phase induction type energy meter, maximum torque is produced when the shunt magnetic flux:

a. Lags the supply voltage by 90 degrees
b. Is in phase with the supply voltage
c. Lags the supply voltage by 45 degrees
d. Leads the supply voltage by 90 degrees

Q59. Galvanic isolation is provided by which type of transformer ?

a. Step-down transformer
b. Center-tap transformer
c. Step-up transformer
d. Auto transformer

Q60. In a series lamp circuit, each bulb is rated for 2 V. calculate the number to be connected in series to run on a 110 V AC line.

a. 60
b. 65
c. 70
d. 55

Q61. A DC series motor is most suitable for _______.

a. Punch presses
b. Cranes
c. Lathes
d. Pump

Q62. The constant voltage charger helps in:

a. Boost voltage
b. Fast charging
c. Slow charging
d. Trickle charging

Q63. The type of joint that can be used in overhead lines to tap electrical energy for service connection is.

a. Tee joint
b. Rat tail joint
c. Scarfed joint
d. Britannia joint

Q64. In an electric iron, the transfer of heat from coil to base plate is mainly through:

a. Radiation
b. Capacitance
c. Conduction
d. Convection

Q65. For a given output and speed, a universal motor as compared to 220 V, 50 Hz supply will require______.
Select the right option.

a. High voltage at low frequency.
b. Less voltage at low frequency.
c. Less voltage at high frequency.
d. High voltage at high frequency.

Q66. Which part of a DC machine requires frequent maintenance?

a. Brush and commutator
b. Stator of DC machine
c. Rotor of DC machine
d. Supply connection

Q67. If apparent power is found equal to active power, then the system power factor is:

a. 0.9
b. 1.2
c. 0.8
d. 1

Q68. What is the purpose of lightning arrester connected between the line and earth in a power S/M?

a. Protects the transmission line against lightning stroke
b. High frequency oscillations are suppressed in the line
c. The terminal equipment is protected against travelling surges
d. Reflects the travelling wave approaching it

Q69. Which type of conduit pipe is used in industrial wiring?

a. MS pipe
b. PVC conduit pipe
c. Galvanized rigid conduit pipe
d. SS conduit pipe

Q70. A multimeter cannot measure

a. Resistance
b. Voltage
c. Frequency
d. Current

Q71. The positive plates of nickel iron cell is made up of_____.

a. Lead peroxide
b. Nickel hydroxide
c. Potassium hydroxide
d. Ferrous hydroxide

Q72. The temperature controlling of an electric iron is done using:

a. Thermistor
b. Bi-metallic strip
c. Thermocouple
d. Resistance temperature detector

Q73. If the value of phase voltage in a star connected circuit is 240V, then its line voltage is ______.

a. 400 V
b. 440 V
c. 415 V
d. 120 V

Q74. When does earth fault occur?

a. Voltage potential of the earth mat increases due to grounding
b. Voltage potential of the earth mat remains zero irrespective of fault
c. Voltage potential of the earth mat decreases due to grounding
d. None of these

Q75. The angular phase difference between each phase winding of a three phase induction motor is

a. 180°
b. 120°
c. 90°
d. 360°

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1. (c) 2. (c) 3. (c) 4. (d) 5. (c) 6. (d) 7. (c) 8. (b) 9. (a) 10. (b)
11. (a) 12. (d) 13. (a) 14. (d) 15. (a) 16. (d) 17. (c) 18. (c) 19. (d) 20. (b)
21.(d) 22. (d) 23. (b) 24. (c) 25. (a) 26. (c) 27. (a) 28. (d) 29. (c) 30. (c)
31. (c) 32. (a) 33. (a) 34. (b) 35. (d) 36. (d) 37. (d) 38. (c) 39. (a) 40. (a)
41. (b) 42. (b) 43. (b) 44. (c) 45. (d) 46. (c) 47.(b) 48. (b) 49. (a) 50. (b)
51. (a) 52. (b) 53. (d) 54. (b) 55. (d) 56. (c) 57. (c) 58. (a) 59. (d) 60. (d)
61. (b) 62. (b) 63. (a) 64. (c) 65. (d) 66. (a) 67. (d) 68. (c) 69. (c) 70. (c)
71. (b) 72. (b) 73. (c) 74. (a) 75. (b)

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