Psychological Tests For Assistant Station Master - Personality

Psychological Tests For Assistant Station Master

Subject : Test of Personality


In this test there are some statements to see what attitudes and interest you have. There are three possible answers to each statement. No particular answer is “Right” or “Wrong”. You have to select the alternative which is most appropriate for you.


I have, compared with others,

(A) participated in many community and social activities,

(B) several

(C) only a few community and social activities.


Going around selling things, or asking for funds to help a cause I believe in, is for me:

(A) quite enjoyable

(B) In between

(C) an unpleasant job.


In discussing art, religion, or politics, I seldom get so involved or excited that I forget politeness and human relations.

(A) True

(B) Uncertain

(C) False


My friends probably think it is hard to get to know me really well.

(A) Yes

(B) In Between

(C) No


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