ASM Psychological Tests (मनोवैज्ञानिक परीक्षण) for RRB NTPC Exam

Psychological Tests For Assistant Station Master(ASM) Exam

FAQ: ASM Psychological Tests


How can tests help you?

  • They will help you to show where your strengths lie.
  • They have been chosen because the skills they involve are used in the job.
  • The tests are carefully designed so that they are fair to all applicants.
  • Taking tests will help you in adjusting on the job.

How can tests help us?

  • We get the right sort of people to do the job.
  • Tests give us unbiased assessment of your strengths and limitations.
  • People who do well on the test usually do well in the job itself.

What sort of Aptitude tests will you have to take?

The aptitude tests have been designed for various jobs in critical safety categories. You will be given the test battery, consisting of five-six tests, prescribed for the job you have applied for. Generally the tests are administered in groups of 35-150 candidates. They are required to answer the questions given in test booklets and mark the responses on OMR Answer Sheets.

How to record your answers?

Most paper-pencil tests require you to record your answers on a separate answer sheet so that they can be scored quickly. A sample of the answer sheet used by Indian Railways may be seen here. The answers are marked on the answer sheet by fully darkening the circles which go with your answers. Use a blue ball point pen. Remember you are not permitted to change your answer. For each answer, if more than one circle is shaded, it will not be evaluated. Do not make any stray mark on the sheet.


Before the Session

  • Don’t stay up all night. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach the examination centre so that you don’t have to rush.

At the Session

  • Listen carefully to the instructions.
  • Do exactly as you are told.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  • Think about each question before answering.
  • Work quickly and accurately, as most tests have short time limits.
  • Don’t waste time on difficult questions.
  • Do not try to copy the answers of your neighbors as his question booklet is likely to be different from you.

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Courtesy: RRB, Indian Railways


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