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RRB EXAM PORTAL is NOT associated with Railway Recruitment Board or Indian Railways.
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(Video) Indian Railway - Station Master Job Profile

(Video) Indian Railway - Station Master Job Profile

Duty of Station Master :

1. To attend duty in time in neat and clean uniform and to see that all staff reports for duty in time & in uniform.
2. To conduct supervision over the working of the staff at the station.
3. The Station Master I/C will be overall responsible for safe working of trains and general working of station, in smooth and disciplined way. 
4. To carry out surprise checks, to arrest irregular practices adopted in train working.
5. To hold safety meeting and discuss safety rules circulated by Divisional H. Q. office for the monthly meeting to be held on payday.
6. To maintain muster roll, T & P register, Stock Block of Money Value Books, Ticket Stock books, attend all correspondence register of articles sent for repairs to traffic work shop, submit all salary vouchers to personal branch, monthly returns to office including absentee statements, submit replies to correspondence received at Station, take inventory of packages in hand at the close of the month and link them with inward tally / outward tally and relevant books.
7. To hold primary inquiries pertaining to any detention to trains or accidents taking place at the station and record statement of staff concerned and also to help in restoration of traffic.
8. To study station-working rules on receipt from DRM office and check various aspects pertaining to layout of the station and point out any variations, described in the SWRs. Explain the contents of the SWRs to staff at the station and obtain acknowledgement in the assurance register. To carry out necessary correction in the SWR received from office.
9. To do all commercial / operation duties entrusted to him. 
10. To pass train observing instructions given in SWRs and also watch any sick / unfit / defective vehicles found on running trains.
11. He is responsible for general supervision up keep and maintenance of station rules books, office record and files etc.
12. To carry out four surprise night inspections in a month and inspection of level crossing gates from time to time.
13. To attend control telephone while on duty without any loss of time and carryout instructions given by the controller of duty.


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IMPORTANT: RRB EXAM PORTAL is NOT associated with Railway Recruitment Board(RRB) or Indian Railways, For RRB official website visit -