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Science: (11 to 13 Questions).


Chemistry: Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atom, Periodic Classification of Elements, Chemical Reactions and Equations, Acids, Bases and Salts, Metals and Non-metals, Carbon and its Compounds.

4 to 6

Physics:Motion  ,  Force  and  Laws  of  Motion,  Gravitation,  Work  and Energy, Elasticity, Sound, Light – Reflection and Refraction, The Human Eye, Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Sources of Energy- Renewable & Non Renewable.

4 to 6

Environment,Ecosystem and its cycles &Pollution – Air, Water, Sound, Soil/Land and its management.

1 to 3



Algebra -  Linear Equations in Two Variables, Quadratic Equations, Geometry & Mensuration - Lines and Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles - Areas, Surface Areas and Volumes.

Co-Ordinate Geometry – Lines.

Trigonometry: Heights and Distances.

7 to 9


Concepts of foods and nutrition; various food groups; Energy giving foods; Body Building Foods; Protective Foods; Effect of processing on food products; Food Spoilage&Foods Preservation; Foods Adulteration, Foods safety, Food Additives. Carbohydrates; Lipids & Fatty acids;   Proteins; Vitamins; Minerals; Water; Enzymes; Nucleic acid.

9 to 11









20 to 24

Aims & Objectives of Cooking, Kitchen Layout and Organisation, Hierarchy and Staffing, Equipment, Fuel and Tools used in Cookery, Ingredients: Shortenings, Raising Agents, Sugar, Milk products, Rice and Cereal, Vegetables and Fruits.

Preparation and Methods of Cooking - Preparation of Ingredients, Methods & Principles of Cooking Food – Roasting, Grilling, Frying, Baking, Broiling, Poaching, Boiling, Steaming, Stewing and Braising.

Basics of Cooking - Stock, Soups, Sauces.

Indian Cuisine –   Introduction to Indian Foods, Spices used in Indian Foods, Masalas,   Indian Curries and Gravies, Indian Rice Preparations, Indian Salads and Soups, Indian Snacks and Chats, Indian Sweet Preparations, Indian Festival Dishes, Indian Breads , Preparing Tandoor, Types, Marinade preparation, Types of Tandoori dishes, Tandoori breads, Tandoori accompaniments

Continental Cuisine - Continental Cuisine; Chinese Cuisine; American and Fusion Cuisine; Other International Cuisine


Computer and its applications.

1 to 3



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