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Sample Paper for RRB Exams (General Knowledge: Test-2)

Sample Paper for RRB Exams

Subject : General Knowledge (Test-2)

1. Who won Australian Open mixed doubles final 2015 ?

(A) Martina Hingis (Switzer-land) and Leander Paes (India)
(B) Kristina Mladenovic (France) and Daneal Nester (Canada)
(C) Djokovic (Serbia) and Serena Williams (US)
(D) Murray (UK) and Maria Sharapova (Russia)

2. Which of the following is not included in core industries?

(A) Automobile
(B) Fertilizers
(C) Steel
(D) Cement

3. Who said, "India is the bright spot on the cloudy global horizon" ?

(A) IMF Chief Christine Lagarde
(B) World Bank Chief Dr. Jim Yong Kim
(C) UNO Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
(D) US President Barack Obama

4. Consider the following facts about ‘Sukanya Sammridhhi Accounts’–

I. The scheme was announced by PM Modi as a part of Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao campaign launched on January 22, 2015 at Panipat (Haryana).
II. Any guardian of a girl aged upto 10 years can open an account either in a post office or a bank.
III. The maturity period is 21yrs of the age of the girl.

The correct code is–

(A) I and II are correct
(B) I and III are correct
(C) II and III are correct
(D) All are correct

5. Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) effective from January 7, 2015, has been reduced from 22.0. per cent to–

(A) 21.5 per cent
(B) 21.0 per cent
(C) 20.5 per cent
(D) No change

6. Surplus on account of services exports financial ……….per cent of merchandise trade deficit in 2013-14.

(A) 49.4%
(B) 51.2%
(C) 56.2%
(D) None of the above

7. Which of the following statement is wrong?

(A) WPI based inflation in February 2015 was (–) 2.06%
(B) CPI based inflation was four-month high in February 2015 at 5.37%
(C) WPI based inflation in February 2014 was (+) 5.03%
(D) A large part of the gap in inflation rate comes on account of different weightages in fuels in two indicies

8. The size of the Indian economy in 2014-15 is–

(A) Rs. 126 lakh crore
(B) Rs. 175lakh crore
(C) Rs. 180 lakh crore
(D) Rs. 200 lakh crore

9. As per the advanced estimates released by the CSO the per capita income is projected to Rs. ……….in 2014-15.

(A) 75500
(B) 88533
(C) 92423
(D) 102365

10. Consider the following statements and chose the correct code given below–

Statement I– India’s share in global exports of commercial services increased to 3.2 per cent in 2013 from 1.2 per cent in 2000.
Statement II– India’s ranking in global exports of commercial services in 2013 was sixth.


(A) Only I is correct
(B) I and II are correct
(C) Only II is correct
(D) Neither I nor II


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11. Which of the following is mismatched in relation to Stree Shakti Puraskar 2015?

(A) Anyay Rahit Zindagia NGO -Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Award
(B) Seema Prakash -Rani Laxamibai Award
(C) Asha Sansthan NGO -Kannagi Award
(D) Chandraprabha Bokey -Mata Jijabai Award

12. As per the latest data released by the CSO projected growth of Indian economy in 2014-15–

(A) 7.1 per cent
(B) 7.2 per cent
(C) 7.3 per cent
(D) 7.4 per cent

13. As per the new methodology, developed by the CSO, which of the following sectors has registered a growth rate of over 7 per cent–

(A) Trade, hotels, transport, communication and services related to broadcasting
(B) Financial, real estate and professional services
(C) Public administration, defence and Other Services
(D) All of the above

14. According to world travel and tourism council the total employment in tourism sector in 2013 is about–

(A) 240 million
(B) 266 million
(C) 310 million
(D) 375 million

15. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India’s first indigenously developed ……….vaccine on March 9, 2015.

(A) Rotavirus
(B) Oral Polio
(C) Influenza
(D) Oral Typhoid

16. The Indian, who won the Crammy Award 2015 in the new age album category is–

(A) Musician Ricky Kej
(B) Musician A. R. Rehman
(C) Singer Kavita Krishanan Murthy
(D) Auther Neela Vaswani

17. An Indian named ……….won Grammy award 2015 in the Best Children’s Album category.

(A) Neela Vaswani
(B) Meera Nair
(C) Chitra Mudgal
(D) Anoushka Shankar

18. Services’ share in employment in India in 2011-12 was–

(A) 28.5%
(B) 24.4%
(C) 56%
(D) 70%

19. Consider the following sources of revenue for Union Government–

I. Surcharges on direct/ indirect taxes.
II. Cess levied for specific purposes.
III. Collection

Revenue of then is not shared with the states.

(A) Only I
(B) Only II, III
(C) I, II and III
(D) None of the above

20. Recently a term ‘Pocket’ was in the news; it refers as–

(A) A real estate site developed in Mumbai
(B) A ticketing system introduced by Delhi Metro
(C) An e-wallet launched by largest private sector bank ICICI
(D) None of the above

21. Which of the following committees recommended the abolition of Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) ?

(A) T. K. Viswanathan Committee
(B) Deepak Parikh Committee
(C) Dr. C. Rangarajan Committee
(D) None of the above

22. India’s emergence as one of the fastest growing consultancy markets worldwide is largely attributable to–

(A) Increased investment activities due to liberalisation of FDI
(B) Entry of many new players in Indian Market
(C) Low cost of sourcing (D) All of the above

23. The Finance Minister has set targets to reduce fiscal deficit, as per cent of GDP. Which of the following is not correct ?

(A) 3.9% for 2015-16
(B) 3.5% for 2016-17
(C) 3.0% for 2017-18
(D) 2.5% for 2018-19

24. Consider the following facts about National Judicial Appointments Commission–

I. The NJAC will look after the appointment and transfer the judges of the supreme court and the High Courts.
II. The NJAC will be headed by the Chief Justice of India.
III. Two senior most Judges of  the Supreme Court, Union Law Minister and two reputed persons will be the members of NJAC.
IV. Among the two members, selected by a high powered committee, one must be SC / ST / OBC /Minority /Women.

The correct code is–

(A) I, II and III are correct
(B) II, III and IV are correct
(C) I, III and IV are correct
(D) All are correct

25. Which of the following statements is correct about the amendment done in January, 2015 citizenship Act 1955–

(A) The PIO card holders can now be notified as Overseas citizens of India
(B) Henceforth the PIO card holders will also be eligible for life long VISA
(C) Children, grand children of Indian citizens residing in foreign countries can now be registered as OCI
(D) All of the above

26. Volume of internal trade and repair sector in India is about–

(A) Rs. 11.5 lakh crore
(B) Rs. 12.5 lakh crore
(C) Rs. 18.5 lakh crore
(D) Rs. 22.5 lakh crore

27. Consider the following facts–

I. Agriculture incomes are under stress.
II. Investment in Infrastructure is low
III. Manufacturing sector’s share in the GDP has declined from 18% to 17% of GDP
IV. Manufacturing exports have remained stagnant at about 10% of GDP

Which of the above has/have been declared as major challenge by Finance Minister?

(A) I and II
(B) III and IV
(C) I, II and III
(D) I, II, III and IV

28. How many countries are the members of Euro Zone, as on January 2015 ?

(A) 17
(B) 18
(C) 19
(D) 20

29. Fair and remunerative price for sugar-cane has been declared by the central government for crushing session 2015-16–

(A) Rs. 230 per quintal
(B) Rs. 240 per quintal
(C) Rs. 250 per quintal
(D) Rs. 260 per quintal

30. India is world’s ……….largest TV. Market in world.

(A) second
(A) third
(C) fourth
(D) fifth

31. Two thirds of India’s population is below–

(A) 30 years of age
(B) 35 years of age
(C) 40 years of age
(D) 45 years of age

32. Which of the following pair is mismatched?

(A) Chairman-cum-CMD of BSNL-Anupam Srivastava
(B) Chairman Railway Board-A. K. Mittal
(C) Chairman ISRO-A. S. Kiran Kumar
(D) Chairperson HDFC-Usha Thorat

33. Which of the following statement is wrong about Members of Parliament Local Area development Scheme?

(A) It was launched on December 23, 1993 by Government of India
(B) An amount of Rs. 5 crore is allotted to each Member of Lok Sabha only
(C) 2 per cent of the MPLAD fund are allowed to district / state authorities for their administrative expenses
(D) MP can spend a maximum of Rs. 10 lakh per year for the distribution of tri-cycles/ motorized tri-cycles/battery operated motorized wheel chairs and artificiallimbs to physically challenged persons

34. India’s Contribution to commulative Global CO2 emmission is about–

(A) 10.7%
(B) 4.4%
|(C) 7.4%
(D) 2.8%

35. Vision of ‘Team India’ includes–

(A) ‘Housing for All’ by 2022
(B) Electrification, by 2020, of the remaining 20,000 villages
(C) Connecting each of the 1,78,000 unconnected habitations by all weather roads
(D) All of the above

36. Which of the following countries is not amongst top four countries of Import to India?

(C) UK
(D) China

37. India is not a member of–


38. Consider List-I and List-Il and chose the correct code given below–

List-I (Sectors)
(a) Industry (b) Transport
(c) Electricity and Heat production (d) Buildings

List-II (Global Green House Gases)

Emissions from different sectors in 2010)

1. 6.4%
2. 25.0%
3. 21.0%
4. 14.0%
(a) (b) (c) (d)

(A) 3 4 1 2
(B) 3 4 2 1
(C) 3 2 4 1
(D) 4 3 2 1

39. In budget 2015-16 speech, the Finance Minister has announced the year ……….will be Amrut Mahotsav.

(A) 2019
(B) 2020
(C) 2021
(D) 2022

40. Which of the following are the brand ambassadors of India ?

(A) Tea and Spices
(B) Tea and Coffee
(C) Coffee and Spices
(D) Tea and Rubber

Answer Key

1A 6A 11C 16A 21A 26A 31B 36C
2A 7D 12D 17A 22D 27D 32D 37B
3A 8A 13D 18A 23D 28C 33B 38B
4D 9B 14B 19C 24D 29A 34D 39D
5A 10B 15A 20C 25D 30B 35D 40A


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