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RRB EXAM PORTAL is NOT associated with Railway Recruitment Board or Indian Railways. 
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RRB Online Exam Practice Test (English)

RRB Online Exam Practice Test (English)

Sample Questions:

Aptitude : Paper 1

Question No. 1 1.0 Marks

Two numbers are in the ratio 3:5. If 8 is added to both the numbers, the ratio becomes 2:3. The larger number is:

Question No. 2 1.0 Marks

A can do a piece of work in 10 days and B can do it in 15 days. If both of them are working together, half of the work can be finished in:

Question No. 3 1.0 Marks

A motorcycle can cross a 360 meters-long bridge in 20 seconds. A car, which is 1500 meters behind the motorcycle, is following it. If the speed of the car is 72 km/hr, it will catch up with the motorcycle in:

Question No. 4 1.0 Marks

The length and breadth of a rectangle are increased by 10% and 15% respectively. Again, the new length is decreased by 20%. The net change in the area of the rectangle is:

Question No. 5 1.0 Marks

The marked price of an item is 40% above the purchase cost. How much discount can be offered so that the gain is 12% ?

Question No. 6 1.0 Marks

In a code, 'AIRFORCE' is written as 'IAFRROEC'. In that code, 'NAVALDOC' will be written as: .

Question No. 7 1.0 Marks

In this question, four statements are given (which are assumed to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts) followed by four conclusions. Decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.


I. All books are pens.
II.Some pens are chalks.
III. No shoe is a pen.
IV. All pens are erasers.


A. Some erasers are books.
B. No eraser is a shoe.
C. Some chalks are shoes.
D. No shoe is a book.

Question No. 8 1.0 Marks

5 13 41 85 257 517 ___
In the above number series, which number comes at the end of the series ?

Question No. 9 1.0 Marks

In 'Jasmine Apartment', second floor consists of six rooms A, B, C, D, E & F.

  • There are three rooms on each side, facing each other, with a lobby between them.
  • After entering the lobby, E is the first room on the left and D is the second room on the right.
  • F and C are diagonally opposite to each other.
  • A is equidistant from B and C.
  • The three rooms on the same side of the lobby are:

Question No. 10 1.0 Marks

Four students Divya, Pooja, Anu and Tony appeared for an examination consisting of four papers Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

No two or more persons got the same rank in any subject and no person got the same rank in two or more subjects.

The following information is known about them.

  • Divya's rank in Physics is the same as Anu's rank in Chemistry.
  • Tony has a better rank in Physics than in Biology.
  • In Mathematics, Anu has a better rank than Pooja and Tony only.
  • Pooja's rank in Chemistry is the same as Divya's rank in Mathematics.
  • In Chemistry, Tony has the worst performance and in Biology, only Anu has performed better than Tony.

What is Tony's rank in Mathematics ?

RRB Loco Pilot (ALP) Exam 2019 Printed Study Kit

रेलवे भर्ती बोर्ड लोको पायलट परीक्षा (Stage-1) अध्ययन सामग्री - Study Kit RRB ALP Exam


  • Site best viewed in IE8 & IE9, Firefox 9+, Chrome 19+ at 1024 x 768 pixels resolution


Name of Test No. of Questions Time
I RRB Practice Test 10 Time of 10 Minutes for the test.


  • Only one question will be displayed on the computer screen at a time.
  • Each question will have 4 alternatives.
  • Marks of each question will be displayed at the right hand top of each question.
  • The questions can be answered in any order the candidate may wish to.
  • The exam screen will continuously display the remaining time at the right hand top of the question paper.
  • "Compensatory Time" of 30 minutes will be granted to all candidates who have applied under SCRIBE category.
  • The candidate may ask the Invigilator their doubts or questions before the commencement of test. No queries shall be entertained after the commencement of the examination.
  • Rough sheet shall be provided to the candidates for rough work during the test. Rough work needs to be done only on these Rough Sheets. Candidate should write his/her Roll No. on the Rough Sheet, and return it to the Invigilator before leaving the test venue.
  • There is 0.33 negative marking.


  • In order to answer a question, you have to "click" on the radio button before the option you think is appropriate/ correct. The radio button for the alternative which has been clicked on will be highlighted and shall be treated as the answer given by you for the question.
  • If you do not wish to attempt the question then you should not click on any option for that question and may click 'Next'.
  • To deselect the option already selected, the candidate has to click on the "Clear Response" button.
  • You can 'Bookmark' questions to review before submitting.
  • While attempting Descriptive questions the candidate has to use the keyboard to enter the text in the text box provided in the question paper.
  • You can navigate between questions either by clicking on 'Previous'/ 'Next' or by directly clicking on the question numbers which are displayed in the Paper-wise Summary panel.


  • The answers are saved whenever the candidate navigates e.g., by clicking on Next/Previous button.
  • The candidates can make changes in their choice of alternative only before clicking the "Submit" button.
  • On the Question paper screen during exam candidate has the following option available.
  • View QP - click on the option to view all the questions serially for the entire question paper. Similar option is also available on the summary panel for each paper (section) to view the questions only for the specific paper (Section)

Note: Here only the questions will be displayed without any options/ answers

  • View Instructions-click on the option to view the instructions which were visible before the start of exam.
  • If the candidate wishes to submit the test he/she has to click on the "Done" button.
  • On clicking "Done", there will be three warning screens displayed namely Warning 1, Warning 2 & Final Warning.
  • In case if the candidate wants to return to the question paper, he/she can click on "Go to Test" or click on "Finish" to submit the paper.
  • After the expiry of 10 minutes the candidates will not be able to attempt any question or check their answers. The answers of the candidate would be saved automatically by the computer system even if he has not clicked the "Finish" button.
  • On clicking "Finish", a Feedback Survey page will appear on the screen which is not mandatory for the candidate to complete.
  • After the feedback page is submitted a "Thank You" message will appear on the screen.

Candidates can be debarred/ disqualified by the Centre-In-Charge for any of the following reasons:

  • Creating a disturbance.
  • Impersonation - Attempting to take the examination for someone else.
  • Giving or receiving assistance of any kind during the examination & communication in any form between candidates or with outsiders.
  • Smoking or eating in the Examination Hall
  • Attempting to tamper with the operation of the computer or meddling with system.
  • Attempting to use the calculator on the PC
  • Exchanging any papers, documents or any other material with other candidates
  • Leaving the test centre without the permission from the invigilator.
  • Using prohibited aids, items not allowed, such as:
  • Cell phones, Pagers, Pieces of Paper (except his/her Admit Card, Identity Card and Time Table of Examination), Digital diaries, any other electronic gadgets/device, Watch alarms, Listening devices and recording or photographic devices.
  • Attempting to copy examination questions and /or examination responses (in any format) from the examination centre.

  • Attempting to access any unauthorized software/program during the examination.

  • Failing to follow invigilators directions.

  • Manhandling of invigilators or test centre staff.

  • Resorting to unfair means or trying to influence in any way for examination results shall be considered as a serious offence and any candidate found guilty of such offence on the report of any person duly authorized to conduct the examination, shall be liable to have his/her name removed from the list of candidates entered for the Examination and may also be further dealt with in such manner as RRB may deem fit.

  • Candidates shall maintain silence while appearing for the exam. Any conversation or gesticulating or disturbance or attempt to change seats/question paper in the Examination Hall shall be deemed as unfair means.
    If a candidate is found indulging in unfair means or impersonating, the candidature of such candidate shall be cancelled. The candidate shall be expelled from the examination by the Centre-in-Charge and such matter shall be reported to the RRB, Examination Committee for further action which they may consider necessary.

The Centre-In-Charge is authorized to debar the candidate/s from the examination centre for any misconduct by the candidates.


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RRB Loco Pilot (ALP) Exam 2019 Printed Study Kit

रेलवे भर्ती बोर्ड लोको पायलट परीक्षा (Stage-1) अध्ययन सामग्री - Study Kit RRB ALP Exam

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