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(Syllabus for Printing Technology Exam Group – JE) Railway Recruitment Board : Junior Engineer

(Syllabus for Printing Technology Exam Group – JE) Railway Recruitment Board : Junior Engineer

Syllabus for Printing Technology Exam Group – JE : 




Printing Systems
  Different printing methods; image carriers; impression and ink transfer methods; proofing methods; suitability of jobs for various printing process.
2 Printing Materials
  Materials used for graphic reproduction; image carriers; printing substrates; inks and coatings; binding materials.
3 Flexo, Gravure and Screen Printing.
  Flexographic principles and plate surface preparation; flexographic press work; study and preparation of gravure image carrier – Doctor Blade and its care; inks for gravure process; materials used in gravure process; slitting and rewinding machine – equipment used for quality control – defects and remedies; screen printing.
4 Printing Finishing Processing
  Introduction to binding and finishing; materials used in binding; methods of binding and modern commercial binding; forwarding operations; automation in binding.


Image Processing
  Types of originals – process room equipment; line and halftone photography; digital image processing; computer to fill; image editing softwares.


Design & Advertising in Print Media
  Introduction to typographic design and advertising; role of typography in design; designing aspects of book, magazine and news paper; design of miscellaneous printed products; operations and functions of an advertising agency.
7 Sheet fed offset Machines
  Offset lithographic presses; printing unit; inking and dampening; sheet handling, controlling and transferring; make ready and machine run; computer print control (CPC).
8 Publishing Software
  Basic anatomy of a computer; paging softwares; vector graphic editing software; scalar image editing software; desktop publishing software.
9 Paper and Ink
  Paper manufacture and chemistry of pulp; paper and board classification; properties of paper and conditioning in press room; printing ink gradients, manufacture and its properties; problems with paper and ink on press and their remedies.
10 Colour Separation and Management
  Colour management; colour reproduction; colour separation; developments in electronic scanning; colour proofing.
11 Plate Making Methods
  Job planning and film assembly; imposition considerations; lithographic plate surface chemistry; computer to technologies and computer to film; computer to press technologies; computer to plate.



Printing Machine Maintenance

Maintenance management; types of maintenance and maintenance of spare parts; machinery erection and testing; machine replacement, lubrication and lubricants; machine elements and electrical controls.



Digital Imaging

Art work and film preparation; film image setters; computer to plate systems; non impact printing and digital offset presses;electronic proofing.



Web offset Printing

Introduction to web offset printing press; make ready and feeding unit; printing unit; delivery unit; digital offset printing.



Printer’s Accounting and Estimating

Purpose and systems of book keeping; definition of estimating and qualifications of an estimator; estimating forms; meaning and methods of costing; costing of machine; material and direct labour.



Advanced Printing Technologies

Non impact printing technologies; security printing; speciality printing processes; E-Print.



Package Technology

Concept of packaging and packaging for various purposes; ancillary materials and metal based materials used in packing;types of labels and their design; types of packaging systems and its advantages; bar coding.

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