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1. Which of the following was the capital of 'Kuru' Mahajanapada?
1) Mathura 
2) Indraprastha
3) Videha 
4) Mithila

2. Out of the following remains excavated in Indus Valley, which one indicates the commercial and econimic development?
1) Pottery 
2) Seals
3) Boats
4) Houses

3. Which of the folliwng is not an example of literature of Vedic tradition?
1) Vedas
2) Puranas
3) Vedangas
4) Purvas

4. The Indian king who opposed Alexander was
1) Ambhi 
2) Porus
3) Dhananand
4) Mahapadmananda

5. Who laid the foundation of the city Patliputra?
1) Udayan
2) Ashoka
3) Bimbisara
4) Mahapadmananda

6. What was the name of Budha's Charioteer?
1) Manna
2) Channa
3) Devadata
4) Raghu

7. The most famous Kushan ruler was
1) Rudradaman 
2) Vasudeva I
3) Kanishka 
4) Ashoka

8. Between which two rulers was the first Battle of Panipat fought?
1) Akbar and Bahlol Lodi
2) Babur and Ibrahim Lodi
3) Bairam Khan and Sikandar Lodi
4) Shahjahan and Daulat Khan Lodi

9. When and where was the 'Ghadar Party' founded?
1) America, 1913 
2) England, 1917
3) Denmark, 1921
4) Scotland, 1925

10. Gandhiji's movement of boycotting the foreign goods aimed at
1) Promotion of Welfare State 
2) Creating anti-British sentiments
3) Promotion of Cottage Industry 
4) Full independence


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