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(Download) Railway Recruitment Board : Junior Engineer (JE) Exam Papers-02-JUNE-2019

(Download) Railway Recruitment Board : Junior Engineer (JE) Exam Papers-02-JUNE-2019

1. What is the IUPAC name for acetic acid?

A) Methanoic acid 
B) Ethanoic acid
C) Butanoic acid 
D) Propanoic acid

2. If lubricants are used in machine parts, how does the movement become?

A) Uneven 
B) Rough
C) Difficult 
D) Smooth

3. Shattering of glass and damage to buildings can be caused by-

A) Sound at about 10kHz 
B) Subsonic sound
C) Shock waves produced by supersonic aircraft
D) Infrasound

4. The movement of water molecule from one cell to another depends on -

A) Osmotic concentration 
B) Plasma pressure
C) Turgor pressure 
D) Wall pressure

5. The inertia of an object tends to cause the object to-

A) Resist any change in its state of motion 
B) Increase its speed
C) Decrease its speed 
D) Decelerate due to friction

6. Starting from a point, Raju walked 12 m north, he turned right and walked 10 m, he again turned right and walked 12 m, then he turned left and walked 5 m. How far is he now and in which direction from the starting point?

A) 27 m towards east 
B) 10 m towards west
C) 15 m towards east 
D) 5 m towards east

7. The cost price of 20 tables is equal to the selling price of 'x' tables. If there is a profit of 25%, then what is the value of 'x'?

A) 16 
B) 18
C) 25 
D) 15

8. What does a scalar quantity have?

A) Both magnitude and direction 
B) Either direction or magnitude
C) Only magnitude
D) Only direction

9. Atoms having the same mass number but different atomic numbers are known as-

A) Isotones 
B) Isotopes
C) Nucleons 
D) Isobars

10. Which of the chemical symbols is NOT correct?

A) AL 
B) Ag
C) Cu 
D) Mg

11. How many islands are there in Lakshadweep?

A) 26 
B) 20
C) 30 
D) 36

12. Find the value of 1/ √2+√3-√5 + 1/ √2-√3-√5

A) 1
B) √2
C) 1/√2
D) 1/2

13. Each interior angle of a regular polygon is greater than its exterior angle by 36°. Find the number of sides of the polygon.

A) 5 
B) 10
C) 4 
D) 8

14. Which is the smallest muscle in the human body?

A) Tibialis 
B) Heart
C) Pectoralis 
D) Stapedius

15. Which word will best complete the relationship given below?
Cobbler : Awl :: Barber : ?

A) Sword 
B) Spade
C) Scissors 
D) Plough

16. When sulphuric acid is poured over zinc, which of the following gases is formed?

A) Hydrogen 
B) Oxygen
C) Sulphur dioxide
D) Zinc dioxide

17. The difference between Compound Interest and Simple Interest in 2 years on a certain sum is Rs.8 at 8% rate. What is the sum?

A) Rs.1500 
B) Rs.1250
C) Rs.1000 
D) Rs.2000

18. A thief escaped from the police and drove away in a bike at 100 km/h. The police immediately started chasing at 75 km/h. After an hour, there was an engine problem in the police vehicle which took 30 minutes to set it right. Thereafter, the speed of the vehicle picked up to 120 km/h. After how much time was the thief caught?

A) 3 hours 40 minutes 
B) 5 hours 15 minutes
C) 2 hours 45 minutes 
D) 2 hours 30 minutes

19. If 'P' denotes '-', 'Q' denotes 'Õ', 'R' denotes 'x' and 'W' denotes '+', then 48 Q 12 R 10 P 8 W 4?

A) 32 
B) 28
C) 40 
D) 36

20. Find the missing group of alphabets in the following series.
AZ, DW, GT, (...), MN

A) CY 
C) JQ 

21. Find the product of (a²) � (2a22) � (4a23).

A) 4a46 
B) 8a47
C) 8a22 
D) 4a47

22. A car is running at a speed of 216 km/hr. What distance will it cover in 30 seconds?

A) 1600 m 
B) 1800 m
C) 1200 m 
D) 1400 m

23. Two cans of milk contain 25% water and 50% water respectively. How much milk must be taken from the two cans to get 12 litres of milk so that it will contain water and milk in the ratio 3 : 5?

A) 3 litres, 9 litres 
B) 5 litres, 7 litres
C) 4 litres, 8 litres 
D) 6 litres, 6 litres

24. In this question, two statements are given followed by two conclusions. Choose the conclusion(s) which best fit(s) logically.

1. All worms are mosquitoes.
2. All mosquitoes are birds.
I. All mosquitoes are worms.
II. All worms are birds.

A) Both conclusions I and II follow 
B) Only conclusion II follows
C) Either conclusion I or II follows 
D) Only conclusion I follows

25. Simplify: sin θ/(1 - cos θ)

A) cosec θ - cot θ 
B) tan θ + sec θ
C) cosec θ + cot θ 
D) tan θ - sec θ

26. In a certain code, 'REPORT' is written as 'PRETOR'. How is 'PERSON' written in that code?


27. Which word will best complete the relationship given below?
Mountain : Valley :: Enemy : ?

A) Friend 
B) Cruel
C) Country 
D) Stranger

28. A triangular prism has a triangle base with sides 8, 15, 17 units and height 20 units. Its total surface area is:

A) 960 
B) 1020
C) 920 
D) 940

29. Complete the series.
3, 2, 7, 6, 11, (…)

A) 4 
B) 8
C) 10 
D) 2

30. A father is aged twice more than his son. The HCF of their ages is 22. What is the son's age?

A) 18 years 
B) 22 years
C) 20 years 
D) 24 years

31. If 'M' means 'Õ', 'R' means '+', 'T' means '-', and 'K' means 'x' , then, 20 R 16 K 5 M 10 T 8 = ?

A) 12 
B) 36
C) 20 
D) 32

32. Which of the following is the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids?

A) Corn oil 
B) Wheat products
C) Spinach 
D) Sardines

33. Muscle fatigue occurs due to accumulation of -

A) Lactic acid 
C) Carbon dioxide 
D) Creatine phosphate

34. Two pipes P and Q together can fill a cistern in 4 hours. When opened separately, Q will take 6 hours more than P to fill the cistern. In how much time can P alone fill the cistern?

A) 8 hours 
B) 5 hours
C) 7 hours 
D) 6 hours

35. X does half as much work as Y in 1/6 of time. If together they can complete a job in 10 days, how many days will Y take to complete it, when he works alone?

A) 30 days 
B) 35 days
C) 40 days 
D) 24 days

36. With which of the following sports is the term 'Steeple chase' associated?

A) Polo 
B) Horse racing
C) Rowing 
D) Boxing

37.  If in a certain language 'PEARL' is coded as 'SHDUO', how is 'COVET' coded in that language?


38. Which is the smallest bone in the human body?

A) Rib 
B) Stirrup bone
C) Hip bone 
D) Fore arm bone

39. In cricket, who decides a dismissal on the basis of the replay?

A) 3rd umpire 
B) 4th umpire
C) 5th umpire 
D) 2nd umpire

40. Which of the following is used for dissolution of gold?

A) Ammonium hydroxide 
B) Aqua-regia
C) Sulphuric acid 
D) Sodium hydroxide

41. A coin is tossed four times. What is the probability of getting 'head' in the first two tosses?

A) 3/8 
B) 3/16
C) 5/16 
D) 1/4

42. Find the ODD one out from the given options.

43. In this question, a statement is given followed by two conclusions. Choose the conclusion(s) which best fit(s) logically.

Men from country 'X' eat more and exercise less than they used to, and more and more of them are turning obese", says-a fitness expert.
I. The metabolism rate of men in country 'X' is very low.
II. Exercising is not on the priority list for men in country X.

A) Neither conclusion I nor II follows 
B) Only conclusion I follows
C) Both conclusions I and II follow 
D) Only conclusion II follows

44. Simplify: 3.36- 2.05+1.33


45. Which of the following numbers is exactly divisible by 4?

A) 10012 
B) 10010
C) 10006 
D) 10002

46. Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below.

L, M, N, O, P, Q, R and S are playing a game standing in a circle facing outwards. N is neither the neighbour of L nor of R. O is the neighbour of L but not of S. P is the neighbour of S and is third to the right of Q. M is the neighbour of Q and fourth to the left of O.

Who among the following stands third to the left of O?

A) Q 
B) P
C) S 
D) M

47. Which of the following countries has agreed to 'joint border reaction force' with Pakistan in 2019?

A) China 
B) Sri Lanka
C) Afghanistan 
D) Iran

48. The small blood vessels under our skin are called-

A) Cells 
B) Veins
C) Nerves 
D) Capillaries

49. Two pipes can fill a tank in 20 and 24 minutes respectively. There is an outlet in the tank that can empty it at 3 gallons per minute. If all the pipes are opened, the tank gets filled in 15 minutes. Find the capacity of the tank.

A) 80 gallons 
B) 150 gallons
C) 108 gallons 
D) 120 gallons

50. Which of the following dams in India is an example for arch dam?

A) Lakhwar dam 
B) Tehri dam
C) Idukki dam 
D) Bhakra Dam

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51. The measurements from _________ are taken for the spherical lenses according to sign conventions.

A) Principal focus 
B) Both principal focus and pole
C) Pole 
D) Optical centre

52. Find the largest 4 digit number that is exactly divisible by 88.

A) 9768 
B) 8894
C) 9844 
D) 9944

53. Which of the following salts does NOT contain water of crystallisation?

A) Blue vitriol 
B) Baking soda
C) Gypsum 
D) Washing soda

54. Which cells present in the retina are sensitive to bright and normal light, and gives colour sensation ?

A) Cones or cone shaped cells 
B) Bright cells
C) Blind cells 
D) Rods or rod shaped cells

55. When is 'World Wetlands Day' celebrated?

A) March 2 
B) February 2
C) December 16 
D) November 14

56. If in a certain code 'TWENTY' is written as 863985 and 'ELEVEN' is written as 323039, how will 'TWELVE' be written in that code?

A) 863903 
B) 863584
C) 863203 
D) 863063

57. Find the least multiple of 7 that leaves the remainder 4 when divided by 6, 9, 15 and 18.

A) 94 
B) 364
C) 184 
D) 274

58. Height 'h' of a cylinder equals the circumference of its base. Then, the curved surface area in terms of 'h' is:

A) h³
B) h²
C) 3h²
D) 2h/3

59. What is the commercial unit of electrical energy consumed?

A) Watt (W) 
B) Volt (V)
C) Kilowatt hour (kWh) 
D) Joule (J)

60. When did Himachal Pradesh celebrate its 72nd Himachal Day?

A) 15 April 
B) 13 April
C) 18 April 
D) 16 April

61. Astronomers have recently discovered evidence of abundant water-bearing minerals on the surface of which near-Earth asteroid?

A) 99942 Apophis 
B) 433 Eros
C) 101955 Bennu 
D) 21 Lutetia

62. Since sound wave is a disturbance, which moves in the medium by setting the neighbouring particles into motion, they are categorised in which wave category?

A) Microwaves 
B) Mechanical waves
C) Radio waves 
D) Electromagnetic waves

63.Find the ODD one out from the given options.

64. The length of a room is 5.5 m and width is 3.75 m. Find the cost of paving the floor by slabs at the rate of Rs.800 per m².

A) Rs.16500 
B) Rs.15000
C) Rs.15550 
D) Rs.15600

65.In the given figure, the circle represents male, triangle represents Engineers, and rectangle represents Doctors. which region represents the persons who are Engineers and Doctors but not male?

A) 7
B) 4
C) 6
D) 2

66. Find the ODD one out from the given options.


67. Ages of P and Q are 50 and 40 respectively. How long ago was the ratio of their ages 3 : 2?

A) 15 years 
B) 20 years
C) 5 years 
D) 10 years

68. If iodine is added to a peeled potato, then it will turn-

A) Black 
B) Red
C) Yellow 
D) Blue

69. Complete the series.
165, 275, 15, 25, 3, (…)

A) 12 
B) 11
C) 8 
D) 5

70. Sucrose occurs naturally in-

A) Sugarcane 
B) Wheat
C) Rice 
D) Maize

71. Which of the following is the natural fuel formed deep under the Earth from the pre-historic remains of living organisms like plants and animals?

A) Solid fuels 
B) Gaseous fuels
C) Fossil fuels 
D) Liquid fuels

72. A discount of 15% on one article is the same as a discount of 20% on another article. Find the cost price of the two articles.

A) Rs.70, Rs.50 
B) Rs.40, Rs.20
C) Rs.80, Rs.60 
D) Rs.60, Rs.40

73. Who among the following was a Governor-General of India?

A) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel 
B) C. Rajagopalachari
C) Maulana Azad 
D) B.R. Ambedkar

74. ISRO Launched PSLV C-45 Carrying EMISAT with how many nano satellites in 2019?

A) 25 
B) 40
C) 28 
D) 23

75. After selling 30% of the fruits, a fruit seller had 140 fruits left. How many were there originally?

A) 300 
B) 288
C) 200 
D) 350

76. Which word will best complete the relationship given below?
Face : Expression :: Hand : ?

A) Painting 
B) Gesture
C) Work 
D) Handshake

77. Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below.

Seven members A, B, C, D, E, F and G represent different countries in Olympics are Germany, China, Korea, France, Russia, Austria and Japan; each one competes for a different sport, viz. volleyball, archery, basketball, tennis, boxing, athletics and football. The order of persons, countries and games is not necessarily the same.  C represents China for archery. D represents Germany but not for volleyball or basketball. One who represents Japan competes for boxing. E competes for volleyball but not Korea. A represents Austria for athletics. The one who represents Russia competes for tennis. F does not represent Korea or Japan. G competes for basketball.

Who among the following represents Japan?

A) F 
B) C
C) G 
D) B

78. How many natural numbers up to 100 are divisible by both 2 and 3?

A) 17 
B) 16
C) 14 
D) 13

79. If 'FRIEND' is coded as 'HUMJTK', how is 'CANDLE' coded?


80. What is the colour of sunlight when scattered by the air molecules in the atmosphere?

A) Red 
B) White
D) Blue

81. The unsaturated hydrocarbons which contain one or more double bonds are called-

A) Alkynes 
B) Alkanes
C) Alkali 
D) Alkenes

82. Which of the following is known for tiger reserves?

A) Mudumalai 
B) Vettangudi
C) Vedanthangal 
D) Koonthankulam

83. Complete the series.
36, 31, 29, 24, 22, (…)

A) 13 
B) 17
C) 16 
D) 15

84. Simplify: (2/3) + (5/6) - (1/9) + (7/9)

A) 17/9 
B) 43/18
C) 13/6 
D) 35/18

85. BRICS Economic Research Annual Awards was instituted by-

B) EXIM bank

86. Which tissue in a plant carries water?

A) Phylum 
B) Stomata
C) Chlorophyll 
D) Xylem

87. Which is the highest literary award of India?

A) Vyas Samman 
B) Kabir
C) Sahitya Akademi Award 
D) Jnanpith Award

88. Mendeleev's periodic law is based on-

A) Atomic radius 
B) Number of neutrons
C) Atomic mass 
D) Atomic number

89.Study the following pie chart and answer the question given below it.

The following pie chart represents the percentage distribution for different sectors.

find the angle subtended at the centre of the circle by the social service sector.

A) 70°
B) 45°
C) 46°
D) 58°

90. Which former Indian Prime Minister was Deputy Prime Minister under Morarji Desai?

A) Charan Singh 
B) V.P. Singh
C) I. K. Gujral 
D) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

91. Priya rode her cycle 2 km westward and took right and rode another 1 km. Again she took left turn and rode 1 km. How many kilometers has Priya rode towards westwards?

A) 3 km 
B) 1 km
C) 4 km 
D) 2 km

92. Poliomyelitis is caused by-

A) Worms 
B) Fungus
C) Bacteria 
D) Virus

93. Find the representation of prime factors of 240.

A) 2 Ã� 2 Ã� 2 Ã� 2 Ã� 3 Ã� 5 
B) 2 � 2 � 2 � 2 � 5
C) 2 Ã� 2 Ã� 3 Ã� 3 Ã� 5 
D) 2 � 2 � 2 � 3 � 5

94. ABC is right angled at C. 'p' is the perpendicular from C to AB; AB, BC, CA are c, a, b respectively, then:

A) pa = bc 
B) pb = ac
C) pc = ab 
D) p² = ab/c

95. Find the missing group of alphabets in the following series.
gfe__ ig __ eii__fei__ gf __ ii

A) figie 
B) ifgie
C) eifgi 
D) ifige

96. The difference between Compound Interest, compounded half-yearly and Simple Interest for two years on a certain sum at 10% rate is Rs.124.05. Find the sum.

A) Rs.8400 
B) Rs.8200
C) Rs.10000 
D) Rs.8000

97. One day morning, Priya was walking towards sun and took four times left turn. Which direction is she facing now?

A) East 
B) South
C) North 
D) North east

98. Under which of the following Parts of the Indian Constitution were Article 36 to 51 listed?

A) The Co-operative society 
B) Directive principles of state policy
C) The Municipalities 
D) Fundamental duties

99. The matter that CANNOT be broken down by chemical reactions into simpler substances is known as-

A) Pure substances 
B) Mixtures
C) Elements 
D) Compounds


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Study Kit for RRB Junior Engineer EXAM (Phase-1)

1. (b), 2. (d), 3. (c), 4. (a), 5. (a), 6. (c), 7. (a), 8. (c), 9. (d), 10. (a)
11. (d), 12. (c), 13. (a), 14. (d), 15. (c), 16. (a), 17. (b), 18. (b), 19. (d), 20. (c)
21. (b), 22. (b), 23. (d), 24. (b), 25. (c), 26. (d), 27. (a), 28. (c), 29. (c), 30. (b)
31. (c), 32. (d), 33. (a), 34. (d), 35. (c), 36. (b), 37. (d), 38. (b), 39. (a), 40. (b)
41. (d), 42. (b), 43. (d), 44. (a), 45. (a), 46. (c), 47. (d), 48. (d), 49. (d), 50. (c)
51. (d), 52. (d), 53. (b), 54. (a), 55. (b), 56. (c), 57. (b), 58. (b), 59. (c), 60. (a)
61. (c), 62. (b), 63. (a), 64. (a), 65. (d), 66. (a), 67. (b), 68. (a), 69. (d), 70. (a)
71. (c), 72. (c), 73. (b), 74. (c), 75. (c), 76. (b), 77. (d), 78. (b), 79. (a), 80. (d)
81. (b), 82. (a), 83. (b), 84. (c), 85. (b), 86. (d), 87. (d), 88. (c), 89. (d), 90. (a)
91. (a), 92. (d), 93. (a), 94. (c), 95. (b), 96. (d), 97. (a), 98. (b), 99. (c).



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