RRB NTPC SAMPLE PAPER - General Intelligence and Reasoning - 122

RRB NTPC SAMPLE PAPER - General Intelligence and Reasoning - 122

1. If RED is coded as 6720, then how GREEN would be coded?

(a) 9207716
(b) 1677199
(c) 1677209
(d) 16717209

2. If 9th of the month falls on the day preceding Sunday, on what day will 1st of the month fall?

(a) Friday
(b) Saturday
(c) Sunday
(d) Monday

3. Average marks obtained by 9 students in one row of a class is 45. One student with 35 marks exchanges his seat with a student securing 48 marks. What is the average marks of these 9 students of this row?

(a) 56.4
(b) 46.4
(c) 47.6
(d) 45.6

4. Kamu walks 5 kms straight from her house towards west then turns right and walks 3 kms. There after she takes left turn and walks 2 km. Further, she turns left and walks 3 km. Finally, she turns right and walks 3 kms. In what direction she is now from her house?

(a) West
(b) North
(c) South
(d) East

Directions: In the following question a statement is followed by four inferences. Select the one which is most appropriate.

5. Statement: In the university examination most of the candidates write in Hindi medium. Inferences

(a) All the candidates who appear in this examination write answers in Hindi.
(b) In this examination no candidate writes answers other than in Hindi.
(c) Mostly candidates with Hindi medium appear in this examination.
(d) Some candidates of this examination write in Hindi.

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1. (c) 2. (a) 3. (b) 4. (a) 5. (d)


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