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(How to Apply) RRB 130000 Non-Technical Jobs 2019: Centralised Recruitment No: CEN 01/2019

(How to Apply) RRB 130000 Non-Technical Jobs 2019: Centralised Recruitment No: CEN 01/2019


(a) Candidates can apply for the notified posts of any one RRB only as per their eligibility through ONLINE application mode by visiting the official website of RRBs

(b) Read all the Information and Instructions detailed in this CEN thoroughly before starting to fill up the application by clicking the appropriate Link on the RRB website. It is essential that the candidate understands all information of this CEN correctly to prevent any mistakes while filling application.

(c) Scanned documents in JPEG Format to be kept ready before filling the application

In order to ensure speedy filling up of application by the candidates, they should keep the following documents ready in digital form before logging in to the application page.

  •  Candidate Photograph: JPEG image of size 20 KB to 50 KB
  •  Candidate Signature: JPEG image of size 10 KB to 40 KB
  •  SC/ST Certificate (Only for candidates seeking Free Travel Pass): JPEG image of size 50 KB to 100 KB.
  •  Scribe Photo (wherever applicable): JPEG image of size 20 KB to 50 KB

(d) Check RRB wise Vacancies for the qualification and Reservation Category of the candidate: The candidates are advised to check the Post Parameter Table and Vacancy Table in this CEN to ascertain vacancies notified against all RRBs and then decide the RRB for which they wish to apply and ensure that the RRB to which they wish to fill the online application is having vacancies for their educational qualification, communitylcategory and eligibility in terms of age, medical standards, disability etc.

(e) Following steps may be followed to ascertain the availability of vacancies and candidate's eligibility for various posts notified

  • Post Parameter Table: Click on the Post Parameter Table Tab. From this table, candidate can ascertain the post(s) for which helshe is eligible as per qualification, type of disability for which post is suitable if PwBD, required medical standards etc
  • Vacancy Table: To ascertain the comprehensive details of vacancy of all the posts notified against an RRB for hislher eligibility, candidate may select the RRB from the drop down list of RRBs and can view the vacancies for all the notified posts against various RailwayslUnits attached to that RRB on selecting the eligibility parameters.
  • After scrutinizing the vacancy table, candidates may decide the RRB for which they wish to apply duly ensuring that vacancy exists for their qualificationl community category etc.
  • Once the RRB has been selected, preliminary registration is completed and registration number is allotted, change of RRB will not be permitted under any circumstances.

(f) Candidates are required to go to the link provided for filling ONLINE application and fill up the personal detailslBio-Data, fee paid etc. carefully. They are also required to exercise their optionlpreference for Post(s), Railway(s)lProduction Unit(s).


  • Multiple posts and other requirements have been notified in this CEN. The candidates are required to indicate their Post•wise and Railway/Production Unit (PU) wise preferences very carefully. Options once exercised in the ONLINE Application shall be final and no request for change shall be entertained. Therefore, candidates are advised to be careful in exercise of option for Post(s) and Railway(s)/PU(s). RRBs will allot the post and the Railway/Production Unit to the selected candidates as per the preference of the candidates subject to merit and vacancy position. However, in case of administrative exigencies/requirements, RRBs reserve the right to allot any post/Railway subject to the suitability of the candidate(s).
  • Candidates with partial option will be considered only for the specific categories opted by them since not opting for certain categories or all categories would indicate their unwillingness for the same.
  • Candidates are advised to keep their personal mobile number and personal valid e•mail ID active throughout the recruitment process, as all communications from RRBs will be sent only through SMS/email. RRBs will not entertain any request for change of mobile number and e-mail address at any stage. Candidates are advised to note and preserve their Registration Number for further stages of recruitment processl correspondence with RRB concerned.
  • Candidates are further advised to visit the official website(s) of RRBs frequently to get the latest information on various stages of recruitment process or any changes about this CEN.

The onus is on the candidates to prove with valid documents that all the information submitted by them in the ONLINE application is true.


a) Click on the "New Registration".

b) Select the RRB to which you wish to apply. Please be aware that, RRB once selected cannot be changed after the preliminary registration is completed and Registration number is allotted.

c) Confirm that you have read and understood the instructions clearly by clicking the check box.

d) Registration Details: Enter your name, Date of Birth and Father's name as per Para 1.7 of General Instructions, Mother's Name, Aadhaar Number, SSLCIMatric Roll Number, Year of Passing, Mobile Number and email-ID and then submit for registration. Before submitting for registration, ensure and confirm that all the information furnished above are correct, as the details furnished for registration cannot be changed later. Please note that the email ID and mobile number used for the Registration must be yours and unique. Also note that both the email and mobile number will be verified during the Online Application process with a One Time Password (OTP).

e) Verification of email ID and mobile number through OTP: On submitting the primary details, OTPs shall be sent to the registered mobile number and email. The candidate should retrieve the OTPs from email and Mobile and then enter OTPs to proceed with the filling up of application and to make payment through OTP "Activation Link". On successful OTP activation, Registration Number will be generated and sent on registered email ID and mobile number. Candidates should note and preserve their Registration Number for later reference during the recruitment process and RRB will not entertain any request seeking registration number.

f) Candidates can proceed with the online application by clicking on the "Candidate Login" button on the Home Page using the Registration Number and password.

g) In the Part I of application page, provide the details of Educational Qualification, Community i.e. URIOBC (NCL)ISCISTIEWS, Gender, Religion, Ex SM, PwBD, Minority, Economically Backward Class and Age Relaxation eligibility category as applicable and other details.

h) Payment and Bank Account Details:

  1. On completion of application details as above, the candidate will be directed to the payment page to choose payment mode i.e. Bank (Online Net BankingICredit CardIDebit CardIUPI and Offline Challan) or Post Office Challans as explained in Para 7 and complete the payment process. Chose the mode of payment and complete the payment process. If there is a failure of Online payments, the candidate has to make another transaction. Please note the last date and time specified for each mode of payment and submit the application well in time.
  2. Those paying through Bank-offline mode, the payment confirmation may take 2 hours and hence they have to again login after 2 hours and look for confirmation of payment status.
  3. The time period for payment confirmation shall vary from 24 hrs. to 48 hrs. in case of Post Office payment.

i) In the Part II of application page, candidate has to indicate their prioritylpreference of the posts.

Set priority / preferences for posts: If the candidate is eligible for more than one post based on hislher educational qualification and other details furnished, helshe must set the prioritylpreferences for these posts. The list of posts (in the chosen RRB) for which a candidate is eligible is displayed. Similarly, if the chosen RRB has vacancies for more than one RailwaylProduction Unit, then vacancies for all such RailwayslProduction Units for which a candidate is eligible, will be listed out. The candidate should fill their prioritylpreferences number in the textbox against each post that they are eligible for, in the RRB they are applying to.

j) Scribe for PwBD Candidates: Indicate option for scribe if you are a PwBD candidate and eligible for scribe. Only the candidates suffering from Visually Impairment (VI) or the candidates whose writing speed is affected by Cerebral Palsylmuscular dystrophylcandidates with Locomotor disability (one arm)lIntellectual disability (Autism, specific learning disability and mental illness) are eligible for availing scribe against this CEN. In case you have firmed up the scribe, then enter the details of scribe such as name, father's name, educational qualification etc. The scribe so arranged should not himself/herself be the candidate for the notification for which the candidate is appearing and same scribe should not be engaged for more than one candidate.

k) Detailed Educational Qualification: Furnish all the relevant information on the qualification as required in the application.

l) Choice of Exam Language: English is the default language. In case the candidate wishes to choose any other language, then the same can be selected from the drop down list of languages. The languages listed are Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. In case of any difference/ discrepancy/dispute in the Questions between English and the opted language, the content of English version shall prevail.

m) Complete the balance fields e.g. Mother Tongue, MoleslIdentification Marks, Address etc.

n) Bank Account Details for Refund: Candidates who attend 1st Stage CBT are eligible for refund of examination fee as per details in Para 7. All candidates who have given the confirmation to receive their refund to the account from which they have made the application fee payment, need not fill these details and hence, this will not be visible for them. Only those candidates who do not wish to receive the refund in the account through which they paid examination fee should provide the details of Beneficiary Account in which they wish to receive the refund viz. Beneficiary Name, Account Number, Name of Bank and IFSC Code in the Online Application.

o) Candidates may indicate their consent or otherwise for sharing the scores obtained by them in RRB exams with other MinistrieslDepartmentslPSUs and Private organizations, for recruitment in their organizations.

p) Photograph and Signature Upload:

  1. Candidate will be automatically directed to 'Photo and Signature Upload' part of the application.
  2. Select the Upload Photo Tab and upload your colour photograph. The photograph should comply with the following requirements

Specification for Signature Image:

  1. The applicant has to sign on white paper with Black Ink pen within a box of size 50 mm x 20 mm.
  2. Signature must be in running letters and NOT IN BLOCK LETTERS.
  3. The image should be in JPGIJPEG format scanned with 100 DPI resolution. d. Dimensions of 50 mm x 20 mm or 140 x 60 pixels (preferred).
  4. Size of file should be between 10 KB - 40 KB.

Submission of Application:

  • In the end candidates have to confirm the declaration "I hereby declare that I have gone through the eligibility criteria for the post(s) applied for and meet all the requirements therein, that all the details furnished by me in the application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge & belief and nothing has been concealed or suppressed. I also understand that in case, any of the details furnished is found untrue during any stage of recruitment or thereafter, RRB shall disqualify me for the post(s) applied for and Ior I shall be liable for any other action under the extant rules".
  • After confirming the above declaration and submission of the application, the candidate may save the file as "PDF" and/or take print of the application and preserve it for reference and record.

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