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(Mock Paper) Railway Protection Force (RPF) Exam Numerical Aptitude Set-2

(Mock Paper) Railway Protection Force (RPF) Exam Numerical Aptitude Set-2

1. If a sum of money at simple in- terest doubles in 12 years, the rate of interest per annum is

(a) 16 3 %
(b) 7.5%
(c) 8 3 %
(d) 10%

2. Out of Rs. 50,000, that a man has, he lends Rs. 8000 at 52 per annum simple interest and Rs. 24,000 at 6 % per annum simple interest. He lends the remaining money at a certain rate of interest so that he gets total annual interest of Rs. 3680. The rate of interest per annum, at which the remaining money is lent, is

(a) 5%
(b) 7%
(c) 10%
(d) 12%

3. In what time will Rs. 10,000 amount to Rs. 13310 at 20% per annum NUMERICAL APTITUDE compounded half yearly?

(a) 12% years
(b) 2 years
(c) 2 2 years
(d) 3 years

4. At a certain rate per annum, the simple interest on a sum of money for one year is Rs. 260 and the compound interest on the same sum for two years is Rs. 540.80. The rate of interest per annum is

(a) 4%
(b) 6%
(c) 8%
(d) 10%

5. A certain sum of money yields Rs.1261 as compound interest for 3 years at 5% per annum. The sum is

(a) Rs. 9000
(b) Rs. 8400
(c) Rs. 7500
(d) Rs. 8000

6. The simple interest on a sum of money at 4% per annum for 2 years is Rs. 80. The compound interest in the same sum for the same period is

(a) Rs. 82.60
(b) Rs. 82.20
(c) Rs. 81.80
(d) Rs. 81.60

7. A shopkeeper marks his goods 30% above his cost price but allows a discount of 10% at the time of sale. His gain is

(a) 21%
(b) 20%
(c) 18%
(d) 17%

8. An article is listed at Rs. 920. A customer pays Rs. 742.90 for it after getting two successive discounts. If the rate of first discount is 15%, the rate of 2nd discount is

(a) 10%
(b) 5%
(c) 8%
(d) 12%

9. An article is sold at a discount of 20% and an additional discount of 30% is allowed on cash payment. If Vidya purchased the article by paying Rs. 2240 in cash, the marked price of the article was

(a) Rs. 4000
(b) Rs. 4368
(c) Rs. 4400
(d) Rs. 4480

10. A retailer purchases a grinder at a discount of 15% and sells it for Rs. 1955 at a profit of 15°/o. The amount of discount received by the retailer from the wholesaler was

(a) Rs. 270
(b) Rs. 290
(c) Rs. 300
(d) Rs. 330

11. A shopkeeper earns a profit of 12% on selling a book at 10% discount on the printed price. The ratio of the cost price and the printed price of the book is

(a) 99 : 125
(b) 25 : 37
(c) 50 : 61
(d) 45 : 56

12. Working 5 hours a day, A can complete a work in 8 days and working 6 hours a day, B can complete the same work in 10 days. Working 8 hours a day, they can jointly complete the work in

(a) 3 days
(b) 4 days
(c) 4.5 days
(d) 5.4 days

13. 40 men can complete a work in 40 days. They started the work together. But at the end of each 10th day, 5 men left the job. The work would have been completed in

14. If two persons, with equal abilities, can do two jobs in two days, then 100 persons with equal abilities can do 100 similar jobs in

(a) 100 days
(b) 10 days
(c) 5 days
(d) 2 days

15. A tank has a leak which would empty the completely filled tank in 10 hours. If the tank is full of water and a tap is opened which admits 4 litres of water per minute in the tank, the leak takes 15 hours to empty the tank. How many litres of water does the tank hold ?

(a) 2400
(b) 4500
(c) 1200
(d) 7200

16. A can do a piece of work in 18 days and B in 12 days. They began the work together, but B left the work 3 days before its completion. In how many days, in all, was the work completed ?

(a) 12
(b) 10
(c) 9.6
(d) 9

17. Ganga and Saraswati, working separately can now a field in 8 and 12 hours respectively. If they work in stretches of one hour alternately, Ganga beginning at 9 a.m., when will the moving be completed ?

(a) 6 p.m.
(b) 6.30 p.m.
(c) 5 p.m.
(d) 5.30 p.m

18. A and B started at the same time from the same place for a certain destination. B walking at 5⁄6 of A’ss speed reached the destination 1 hour 15 minutes after A. B reached the destination in

(a) 6 hours 45 minutes
(b) 7 hours 15 minutes
(c) 7 hours 30 minutes
(d) 8 hours 15 minutes

19. Two trains started at the same time, one from A to B and the other from B to A. If they arrived at B and A respectively 4 hours and 9 hours after they passed each
other, the ratio of the speeds of the two trains was

(a) 2: 1
(b) 3:2
(c) 4 : 3
(d) 5 : 4

20. Two trains of equal length, running in opposite directions, pass a pole in 18 and 12 seconds. The trains will cross each other in

(a) 14.4 seconds
(b) 15.5 seconds
(c) 18.8 seconds
(d) 20.2 seconds


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21. Two men start together from the some place in the same direction to go round a circular path. If one takes 10 minutes and the other takes 15 minutes to make one complete round they will meet after

(a) 30 minutes
(b) 33 minutes
(c) 40 minutes
(d) 45 minutes

22. A moving train crosses a man standing on a platform and a bridge 300 metres long in 10 seconds and 25 seconds respectively. What will be the time taken by the train to cross a platform 200 metres ling ?

(a) 16 3 seconds
(b) 18 seconds
(c) 20 seconds
(d) 22 seconds

23. A man takes 6 hours 15 minutes in walking a distance and riding back to the starting place. He could walk both ways in 7 hours 45 minutes. The time taken by him to ride both ways, is

(a) 4 hours
(b) 4 hours 30 minutes
(c) 4 hours 45 minutes
(d) 5 hours

24. A man goes downstream with a boat to some destination and returns upstream to his original place in 5 hours. If the speed of the boat in still water and the stream are 10 km/hr and 4 km/ hr respectively, the distance of the destination from the starting place is

(a) 16 km
(b) 18 km
(c) 21 km
(d) 25 km

25. A person can row 15/2 km an hour in still water. He finds that it takes twice the time to row upstream than the time to row downstream. The speed of the stream is

(a) 2 km/hour
(b) 2.5 km/hour
(c) 3 km/hour
(d) 4 km/hour

26. A businessman sells a commodity at 10% profit. If he had bought it at 10% less and sold it for Rs. 2 less, then he would have 50/3% gained. The cost price of the commodity is

(a) Rs.32
(b) 88.36
(c) Rs.40
(d) Rs.48

27. One trader calculates the percentage of profit on the buying price and another calculates on the selling price. When their selling prices are the same, then the difference of their actual profits is Rs. 85 and both claim to have made 20% profit. What is the selling price of each ?

(a) Rs. 1700
(b) Rs. 2100
(c) Rs. 2550
(d) Rs. 2750

28. A sells a article to B at a profit of 10% B sells the article back to A at a loss of 10%. In this transaction

(a) A neither loses nor gains
(b) A makes a profit of 11
(c) A makes a profit of 20%
(d) B loses 20%

29. The ratio, in which tea costing Rs. 192 per kg is to be mixed with tea costing Rs. 150 per kg so that the mixed tea, when sold for Rs. 194.40 per kg, gives a profit of 20%, is

(a) 2 : 5
(b) 3 : 5
(c) 5 : 3
(d) 5 : 2

30. If the selling price of an article is doubled, then its loss per cent is converted into equal profit per cent. The loss per cent on the article is .

31. On the basis of selling price of an article, the loss is calculated to be 25%. The percentage of loss on the basis of cost price is

(a) 18
(b) 20
(c) 22
(d) 25

32. If the difference between areas of the circumcircle and the in- circle of an equilateral triangle is 44 cm2, then the area of the triangle is

33. A wire, when bent in the form of a square, encloses a region having area 121 cm2 . if the same wire is bent into the form of a circle, then the area of the circle is

(a) 144 cm2
(b) 180 cm2
(c) 154 cm2
(d) 1176 cm2

34. If the area of a circle inscribed in a square is 97 cm2 , then the area of the square is

(a) 24 cm2
(b) 30 cm2
(c) 36 cm2
(d) 81 cm2

35. The total surface area of a solid hemisphere is 1087 cm2 The volume of the hemisphere is


(E-Book) RRB RPF Constable Previous Year Exam Papers

RRB Railway Protection Force (RPF) Constable Exam

रेलवे सुरक्षा बल (RPF) सिपाही परीक्षा के लिए अध्ययन सामग्री

Answer Key :

 1. (c) 2. (c) 3. (a) 4. (c) 5. (d) 6. (d) 7. (d) 8. (b) 9. (a) 10. (c) 11. (d) 12. (a) 13. (a) 14. (d) 15. (d) 16. (d) 17. (b) 18. (c) 19. (b) 20. (a) 21. (a) 22. (c) 23. (c) 24. (c) 25. (b) 26. (c) 27. (c) 28. (b) 29. (a) 30. (c) 31. (b) 32. (c) 33. (c) 34. (c) 35. (b)

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