General Descriptive Questions
1 What are the duties of Loco Inspector, being as first official to accident site?
2 How you counsel Loco Pilots to avoid Train Partings?
3 What are track parameters affect the running of a train?
4 What are the measurements to be taken in derailed Loco?
5 What are the measurements to be taken in derailed coach?
6 How an accident message will be given and explain with the contents?
7 Explain how excess twist will cause an accident with diagram?
8 What are the parameters to be taken on track during derailment?
9 What are parameters available in strip chart of SPM and how they can be read?
10 Write various oscillations that happen in locomotives while on run with brief explanation of each?
11 What is the procedure to be followed if any Railway Staff found in drunken state while “Sign-ON” and “Sign-OFF”?
12 How can the Overtime be reduced?
13 How can PAD and PDD be reduced?
14 What is the importance of implementation of 10-hrs duty Rule?
15 Write about categorization and monitoring of Loco Pilots?
16 How will you conduct a fact finding inquiry if loco hit a foreign body being a first official to the spot?
17 Define the following:
a) Railway Accident
b) Consequent Accident
c) Indicative Accident
d) Yard derailment
18 What various types of inquires are held to investigate into Railway accident?
19 How the periodical medical examination and psychological test of staff contribute towards improved safety in train operations?
20 Describe some of the mechanical / electrical safety devices recently introduced for better safety in train operation?
21 How does the monitoring and periodical screening of staff help in reducing accidents?
22 What are your suggestions to improve safety consciousness among the running staff to reduce the train accidents?
23 What are the duties of Power Controllers?
24 What are the duties of Crew Controllers at Crew lobbies and in Control organisation?
25 Being a first official to the accident spot of manned level crossing gate how will you deal the situation?
26 Being a first official to the accident spot of train passed a stop signal at “ON”, how you will deal the situation?
27 Write about payment wages act, minimum wages act and workmen’s Compensation Act (WCA).
28 What are the factors which will not come under WCA during accident for payment of  compensation?
29 What are the duties of supervisor in case of on duty injury or disablement of an employee?
30 How the assessment of Mail & Express and passenger Crew will be done?
31 Write short notes about factory act?
32 What are norms to be kept in mind while preparing loco links and explain with illustration?
33 What are norms to be kept in mind while preparing crew links and explain with illustration?
34 What are the advantages of air brake over vacuum brake?
35 In a Diesel Loco Shed, 160 WDM2 locos are available. How much outage can be given to goods if coaching requirement is 41?
36 What are the services / movements come under ineffective outage?
37 How many employees are required if 2 members working in a shift of 12 hrs roster and 8 hrs roster?
38 How the assessment of Goods crew will be done?
39 How survey to be conducted at RCD?
40 Write about new JPO of CC+6+2 and CC+8+2.
41 What is ruling gradient and how it is affecting the sectional Load?
42 What is critical block section?
43 What is the procedure to conduct Running Time Trials?
44 How the load trials will be conducted what are factors affecting in fixing of train load?
45 Write the duty at a stretch and rest rules pertaining to Running staff.
46 What are the precautions to be taken while clearing dead locomotives?
47 What are steps to be taken to improve outage in goods service?
48 What are the steps to be taken to improve the average speed?
49 How Fuel Trip Ration Trails shall be conducted and trip ration fixed?
50 Write about RCD and Registers to be maintained at RCDs?
51 How will you counsel a loco pilot to drive a train if 20 KMPH speed restriction at the peak of the gradient?
52 Expand the following:
9)  CRIS  10) IRISET
53 Expand the following:
1) BCM 2) TTM 3) SPART 4) TRR 5) TFR 6) TSR 7) PQRS 8) BWM
54 What is fire? How fires are classified and how each fire will be controlled?
55 Write the procedure to be followed to condemn a detonator?
56 What are the reasons for stalling and how you counsel LPs to avoid Stallings?
57 What is combined train report?
58 Write about Working time table and passenger time table and why skip time is necessary?
59 Write the types of passes available in Railways to the Railway employees and Write the entitlement restrictions of various passes to running staff?
60 What is school pass and by whom it will be issued?
61 Who are eligible for inclusion in privilege pass?
62 If wife and husband both are Railway employees for how many passes both are eligible?
63 What is SDP and for what distance it can be used?
64 What is “DCP‟ and to whom it will be issued?
65 When a son aged beyond 21 years will be included in a privilege pass?
66 When a daughter is aged beyond 21 years can she be included in a privilege pass?
67 If last year passes issued in current year, till what date it will eligible to travel?
68 What is joining time for first 1000 kms?
69 How many days joining time is admissible during request transfer?
70 What are the restrictions to be followed to suspended employee in respect to promotion?
71 What type of documents can be allowed to examine by the   DE?
72 Write about the documents in respect of DAR cases.
73 Who will be nominated as presenting officer and who will be nominated as inquiry officer?
74 What is periodicity of PME to be followed?
75 What are medical standards to be maintained by a Loco Pilot and Loco Inspector?
76 What are the PME period treated as on duty?
77 What are the occasions can the employee shall be directed for special PME?
78 What action Railway administration has to take if an employee reports after 45days absent?
79 What action Railway administration has to take if an employee reports after 90 days absent?
80 What are the types of leaves existing in Railways?
81 Write about Leave rules.
82 What is the procedure to grant quarantine leave?
83 How many days of LAP/LHAP credited in January?
84 How many days LAP can be enchased?
85 How a sick leave can be commuted?
86 Write short notes on various types of leaves available for railway men?
87 If a person joins in December into Railway service, how many casual leaves he is eligible?
88 Is casual leave can prefix or suffix with any kind of leave?
89 How many days of causal leave eligible to running staff in a calendar year?
90 What is S.O.P in granting of leave by Sr. Supervisor to Running staff and other   staff?
91 Write the duty roster of running staff.
92 List out the categories under HOER and indicate rostered hours of each category?
93 Write the differences between Essentially Intermittent and Continuous categories.
94 Write about PNM and JCM.
95 Distinguish between Excluding and Continuous category.
96 Distinguish between Supernumerary posts and Temporary post.
97 What is assumed attendance?
98 Write short notes on Intensive and Essentially Intermittent category.
99 What are the allowances admissible to running staff?
100 Write short notes on OSDA.
101 What are the minor penalties and major penalties?
102 What is the procedure to impose minor penalty?
103 What is the procedure to impose minor penalty
104 What is the procedure for imposing major penalty?
105 Write model time schedule for progress of major penalty “DAR‟ cases.
106 What are the differences between removal and dismissal?
12307 What is the procedure for procuring non stock items?
108 How many types of indents are there?
109 Procedure for condemnation of pretty items?
110 Write the abbreviations of the following:
1)DAR 2) VC 3) SPE


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