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Indian Railway Psycho-Technical Directorate (IRPTD)

Indian Railway Psycho-Technical Directorate (IRPTD)

About IRPTD:

Indian Railways embraced psycho-technology in 1964 in pursuance of recommendation of Railway Accident Committee-1962 by setting up a unit in Railway Board's office. This unit was transferred to RDSO in 1970 and given the status of a full-fledged directorate in 1990. Since its inception the Psycho-Technical Unit has been instrumental in development and standardization of behavioral intervention programs and their implementation earnestly addressing the safety concern of Indian Railways. The activities of the directorate include research and development in the area of human resource development, engineering psychological tools formed as 'aptitude tests' for safety category railway staff who are directly involved in train operation and ergonomics. The focus is also on job analysis, motivation, stress management, safety supervision, counseling and appraisal of tools and work places. The vast experience of its existence has enabled the directorate to develop expertise in the field of human factors and safety, which is unique in the country.

Scope of Psycho-Technical Directorate:

Main objective of directorate is to increase job performance, job satisfaction and motivation of employees as well as prevention of accidents due to human lapses. In this perspective, directorate is engaged in research studies on variables considered important for traffic safety so that phenomena of accidents causation could be understood. On the basis of information obtained through research studies programmes, which aim to reduce accidents induced by human factors, are developed and executed.


  • Sh. R.K. Lal, IRTS, Executive Director/Traffic (Psych)

  • Dr. S.M. Khan, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych

  • Km. Lakshmi Saxena, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych

Zonal Regional Centers

  • Sh. S.K. Pant, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych, ER, Kolkata

  • Km Preeti Sonkar, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych, NR, New Delhi

  • Sh. Awadhesh Kumar, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych, NER, Gorakhpur

  • Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych, CR, Mumbai-Vacant

  • Sh. Satish, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych, WR, Mumbai

  • Dr. K.V. Ramana, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych, SCR, Secunderabad

  • Sh. Manish Kumar, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych, SER, Kolkata

  • Smt. Kalita, Jr. Scientific Officer/Psych, NFR, Guwahati

  • Sr. Scientific Officer/Psych, SR, Chennai - Vacant

Main activities of Psycho-Technical Directorate:

  1. Scientific job analysis

  2. Development and standardisation of aptitude tests.

  3. Estimation of training needs of employee’s and provides guidelines for development of training programmes.

  4. Research on problems related to organisational behaviours.

  5. Development and implementation of programmes for stress reduction.

  6. Human engineering


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