RRB ASM : Online Computer based Aptitude Test Sample

RRB ASM : Online Computer based Aptitude Test Sample

FAQ Question :

Question: Does RDSO maintain Mark file and OMR sheets of candidates and how can we get our certified photocopy of OMR sheet?

Answer: Research Designs and Standards Organisation does not maintain the record pertaining to marks obtained by candidates in aptitude testing. The OMR sheets used in aptitude testing duly coded by concerned RRBs remain available with concerned Zonal Scientific Officers.

Question: What is the criterion to qualify in aptitude test and what is the formula to calculate T-score?

Answer: In order to qualify in aptitude tests, the candidates are required to obtain T-score >_ 42 in each test. T-score is the normalized score statistically formulated for application all over. The formula for computing the T-score is as under:

The above formula for obtaining T-score is scientifically established.

Question: Can aptitude test booklet and answer key given to candidates and request for re-evaluation of answer sheet permitted?

Answer: As per order passed by Hon’ble High Court, Delhi the copies of question paper, OMR sheet and answer key cannot be provided.

“Re-evaluation of answer sheet” is an action and not information to be provided to the applicant under RTI Act 2005. Thus, request for reevaluation of answer sheet cannot be acceded to.

Question: Is cut-off criteria for determining suitability of candidates is same all over the country?

Answer: The cut-off criteria for determining suitability of candidates are same in all the RRBs, all over the country. The qualifying marks of aptitude tests for all the RRBs are same and there is no variation at all.

Question: Is there any negative marking in aptitude testing?

Answer: No, aptitude testing is meant for assessment of required cognitive attribute in a candidate and there is no negative marking in aptitude testing.

Question: Why aptitude tests are conducted and what are the categories for which aptitude tests are mandatory for recruitment in Railways? How the marks obtained by a candidate in RRB examination and aptitude testing are calculated for selection of a candidate?

Answer: As per the selection criteria approved by the Ministry of Railways, aptitude tests are administered on the candidates appearing for selection as safety category staff on Indian Railways through different RRBs at the entry level of Assistant Station Master, Assistant Loco Pilot and Motorman for assessment of cognitive ability of the candidates with a purpose to ensure that the candidates possessing the desired level of attributes, essential for safe train operation, are selected. It is also informed that the scores of a candidate in RRB examination and thereafter in aptitude test as a part thereof are apportioned in the ration of 70: 30 for preparation of the final merit list.

Question: How to calculate T Score and composite Score of a candidate in Aptitude Test?

Answer: Norms and standards as laid down from time to time shall be applied uniformly to all candidates for adjudging their suitability. The cut-off for Tests are fixed on the basis of Normalized T-score. The Mean of normalized T-score is 50 and its SD is 10. The basic parameters required to calculate T-score are Mean and Standard Deviation calculated from normalized sample. The range of the T-score is 20 to 80.

The formula to calculate T-score is:

The T-score for dummy subject for a test can be calculated as follows:

Dummy subject score on Test 1 = 20

Mean of Test 1 on normative sample = 14

SD of Test 1 on normative sample = 3

Calculation of composite score is as follows

As weightage to aptitude test is 30, the composite score of a dummy subject can be calculated as follows:

Composite T-score of a candidate having 5 tests in a battery is = 300

The max T-score a candidate can obtain having 5 tests in a battery is (80×5) = 400.

The composite score out of 30 is :

* Out of 400 score candidate scored = 300

* Out of 30 score will be =

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Aptitude test for ASMs will be now in Computer based mode. Candidates appearing may click on the link below to get acquainted with sample test.    

सहायक स्टेशन मास्टर के परीक्षण हेतु अब कंप्यूटर आधारित अभिवृत्ति परीक्षण होगा। इस परीक्षा में सम्मिलित होने वाले अभ्यर्थी परीक्षण से परिचित होने के लिए नीचे दिए गये लिंक पर क्लिक करें। ///

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