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(How To Apply) RRB Non Technical Jobs 2012: Centralised Recruitment No: CEN - 03/2012

RRB Non Technical Jobs 2012: Centralised Recruitment No: CEN - 03/2012

How To Apply:

1. The Application Form as per Annexure 1 & 2 should be filled up by the candidate in his/her own handwriting, with blue or black ball point pen (not in pencil, fountain pen or gel pen) dated and signed. Only international form of numerals i.e. 1, 2, 3 etc. should be used. The Application Form should be filled up in English or in Hindi only, strictly observing all the instructions given in this Centralised Employment Notice. The candidates should affix his/her normal signature in English or in Hindi in the Application Form. Applications signed in capital letters/spaced out letters will be treated as invalid.

2. The candidate’s Name, Address with Pin Code, Date of Birth, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name and nearest Railway Station should be written legibly in English in bold capital letters, even if the candidate fills up the Application Form in Hindi.

3. Photographs: One recent (not earlier than three months from the date of application) colour photograph of size 3.5cm x 3.5 cm with clear front view of the candidate without cap and sunglasses should be pasted on the Application Form in the space provided. Xerox copy of photographs is not permitted. The candidates should sign in the space provided in the box below the photograph. One identical extra colour photograph should be enclosed with the application,  indicating candidate’s name and category number on the reverse of the photograph. Candidates may note that the RRB may reject the candidature at any stage for pasting old/unclear photograph on the application or for any significant variations between photograph pasted in the application and the actual physical appearance of the candidate.

4. In item No.11 of Application Form, the candidates should indicate any clear visible marks of identification on their body like a mole on the nose, cut-mark on the forehead in the left side or a scar mark below the left arm, etc as the case may be . Incase there is no such visible identification mark on body, then “ NIL ” should be written in the place provided . The Application Form of the candidate is liable to be rejected if identification mark column is not filled up.

5. The candidate should put their Left Hand Thumb impression at the designated places in the Application Form and in the Information Sheet. The Thumb impressions must be clear and complete. Ridges of the Thumb impressions must be clearly visible.

6. The candidate should copy the paragraph at item No. 12 of the Information Sheet in English/Hindi in their own running handwriting (NOT in capital/spaced out letters), otherwise their applications will be rejected.

7. Applications which are illegible, incomplete, unsigned, signed in capital letters, not in prescribed format, without colour photo of candidate, not having IPO/DD or having IPO/DD purchased before date of issue of and after closing date of Centralised Employment Notice are liable to be rejected.

8. The envelope containing the application should be clearly super-scribed “Application for the Preliminary Examination for the notified categories of CEN No 03/2012 of RRB----- & Community (SC/ST/OBC/PWD/Ex-SM)” failing which the application will not be entertained.  

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